Recent Conversations

I’ve had some pretty interesting dialogues with friends/family/coworkers about my trip and what I’m doing. Figured I’d share what some of them sound like.

So wait… you’re just throwing your stuff in a bag and flying down and winging it???

Ya, something like that. Still don’t really have a plan, but I know I want to take some Spanish classes in Guatemala… other than that… go where the wind takes me. Want to go?

And you’re going by yourself, right?

I might have a friend go with me the first week, but other than that, I’ll be on my own… sort of. Lots of travelers travel solo, and they tend to congregate together. So although I’ll be traveling alone, I doubt I’ll actually ever be alone. Want to go?

No. But wait, aren’t you scared? I mean, it’s Latin America!

Pick up the newspaper for once… a lot has changed in the last ten years. I’m not worried about safety to much… only city that I’m slightly concerned about is Guatemala City, but I’ll be fine. I’ve been hitting the weights in the gym, so if some idiot decides to try and jump me, I can take ’em.

You going to try to go to Colombia? Venezuela?

Colombia… hell ya. The one country I’m most excited about. Venezuela… hell no… don’t like Chavez… it’s my way to boycott his ideals and quietly let him know I think he is an a-hole.

How you paying for this?

Delaying the inevitable… using some savings, leaving college loans to pay off later. Hey… you only live once, right?

Why don’t you go to Europe instead?

Have you been to Europe?


Europe is overrated, over priced, and full of arrogant jerks. Don’t get me wrong, great place to visit for a short time, but the cost for 3 weeks in Europe will allow me to go for 3 months in Latin America. Also, Europe will be the same in twenty years. Latin America my friend will not… but instead be over ran with tourist hot spots… the one thing I’m hoping to avoid.

How are you going to update your site while your traveling? I mean, do they even have computers?

Stupid question… yes they have computers and internet. Cities are littered with internet cafes… my friend.. the world is becoming flat.

 You’re crazy.

Ummm… thank you?



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2 responses to “Recent Conversations

  1. Katie

    I really can’t wait until you start traveling!!! I’m sitting by my computer waiting for updates! LOL! 🙂 HAVE FUN & BE SAFE!!!

  2. Tu hermana

    Yo quise escribir esto mostrar yo he mirado esto.

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