Planning… Part 2… Typhus…

So I thought I had all my necessary vaccinations for the trip. What is usually recommended consists of Hepatitis A & B (which I had 3 rounds of), tetanus-diphtheria, and for some countries, Typhoid and Yellow Fever. I’m a man, I have a huge head, and I think I’m healthy, so I thought I’d pass on the last two… until I read a little about typhus…

It can really only be transferred human to human, and as of now, I really don’t plan on playing with human feces. But, you never know, I might get a little crazy (I should make a note that it’s usually transferred through water, but that just doesn’t sound as exciting as playing with human crap).

According to Wikipedia (which isn’t always the most reliable but a great place to get a generalization), if you get Typhoid Fever… it sucks. It lasts for about 4 weeks and usually comes with high fever, rashes, sweating, and diarrhea. See.. that doesn’t sound to bad, except for the fact that it LASTS FOR FOUR WEEKS!!!

I think I’ll hand over my man card and get the vaccine…


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