Arrival – Guatemala City, Guatemala

Our plane left promptly at 6:00 in the evening. Josh and I were sitting in business class enjoying the wine and beer while dining on Halibut. But realize, the entire flight I had one thing on my mind… is Guatemala City as bad as everyone says it is?


We landed without difficulty…zipping through with our passports and on to claim our bags. Customs consisted of two people taking our declaration forms… and that’s it. We finally stepped out into the air of Guatemala… instantly being over ran with offers for cabs. We met an archaeologist on the flight out who has had quite a bit of experience with this situation, and he was kind enough to brief us on what to do. We found a reliable cab to take us to Antigua (about an hour and half away) and negotiated a price of twenty dollars for the both of us.


Everything turned out fine with the cab and our transportation. The original place we wanted to stay was full, but we ended up scoring a hostel right around the corner called Posada Ruiz 2 for a mere $3.50 per person per night. We both have our own room (extremely tiny), yet it gets the job done. Beds are uncomfortable, pillows don’t have much “pil,” but for the most part, it’s pretty clean (we think…we don’t ask as well as don’t wonder, helps us sleep better at night).


First impression of Guatemala is amazing thus far. Weather is beautiful, and Antigua (although very touristy) isn’t half bad. As I write this, I’m sitting in my room with the door open to the elements (entire hostel surrounds a court yard) listening to the rain and enjoying 60 to 70 degree weather.



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2 responses to “Arrival – Guatemala City, Guatemala

  1. Katie Harrington

    LOL! I guess if I had seen this post earlier I wouldn’t have asked where you were staying! Oops! You boys have fun! 🙂


  2. Rachel

    I’m so jealous…why did I not come with you. It sounds like an amazing start to an amazing trip.

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