Conquering The Markets. Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

We were anxious to get out of touristy Antigua, and our next stop consisted of an isolated mountain town called Chichicastenango (called Chichi for short). Every Thursday and Sunday, people from Mayan descent enter the village to sell their handicrafts. We knew this would be an interesting experience.


Getting to Chichi was not to terribly difficult. Once there, we went out to find a cheap place to stay. We ended up at Posada el Telefono for a mere $4 a night. The place was nothiChichi, Guatemalang fancy, except that there was a rooftop we were able to climb upon and gaze upon the entire city. Once we were settled in, the afternoon consisted of just that, with talks on how we one day to plan on taking over the world. Dinner consisted of street food…a huge meal for under $2.


When we woke up the next day, we headed straight over to the market…allowing us to score a cheap breakfast. The market was full of vibrant colors, ranging from Mayan carvings, to beautiful blanks,dead monkey skins, and live chickens. It´s unbelievable on how far money goes here.Price was usually quoted high, yet it is very easy to barter, sometimes bringing the price down to half as much of what they were originally asking. I choose to buy very little, mostly because I did not want to carry anything with me. Josh bought a ridiculous hat, a few bracelets, and a Mayan mask. If you came here with $100, you wouldn’t be able to carry everything you bought back.


After a few hours, the market definitely becomes overbearing. Kids are constantly hassling you to buy their crap, and vendor after vendor wants to sell you a blanket. I’ve heard the market in Chichi is one of the more mellow ones…so I can’t imagine what other markets might be like. Think I’m done with markets for the trip.

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