A Visit to Hippie Land. San Marcos, Guatemala.

Lago de Atitlan hosts numerous little towns on the coast, and Josh and I, actually, more Josh, was looking forward to a visit to San Marcos. It’s known for it’s mystically vibe and stunning scenery, with yoga and mediation centers widely available. What the hell I said…let’s go meet some hippies.


We took a 45 minute boat ride over to San Marcos from Panajechel. Honestly, the ride should have been less than half an hour, except the drivers like to put 45 people in the boat that holds 20. Sound vaguely familiar? If not…go read my chicken bus entry. So, the boat was packed, I had the pleasure of sitting next to locals who smell like a camels rear (don’t ask me how I know what a camels rear smells like), and since the boat was so close to the water due to the overload of human beings, I was lucky enough to be in the epicenter of all the mist that comes up from the water. And for all this…I blame Josh.


We landed, disembarked, and began exploring… stumbling upon a few yoga and meditation centers. Luckily for me, the classes were early in the morning, meaning, I wasn’t going to have Josh make me slap on some spandex and attempt to kiss my ass in some yoga class. Throughout our tramping around, we held various conversations…sounding something like this…


“Eric, let’s move here and become hippies.”


“I don’t think so Josh.”


“But why??? We can have dreads, never shower, and wake up at the crack of dawn in order to stretch our bodies in ways that are humanly not possible.”


“I like smelling nice, I enjoy having short hair, and I hate stretching with a passion. So no…”


“Fine, I’m moving here without you.”


“You do that.”


That is what our afternoon consisted of…Josh trying to convince me to become a hippie.


We ended up meeting some really cool people who are working on building a bar there. One is a university professor that lives in Guatemala for half the year, then Canada for the rest. We listed in awe of their stories and experiences while letting the rain roll in and blanket the landscape. They latter provided us with advice on how to get a cheap boat ride, something we were very grateful for (they described the drivers as “bloody pirates”).


San Marcos was nice, yet a little to tranquillo for me…yet for Josh…it was the next best thing to heaven.



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4 responses to “A Visit to Hippie Land. San Marcos, Guatemala.

  1. Katie

    LOL!! Love it! I believe you have found your calling as a writer. 🙂

  2. Josh

    I’m glad I could be of service to you here, you might be careful hanging around me though more often, the hippy thing might rub off on you

  3. Laura

    My favorite entry….I’m with Josh.

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