We Head to San Pedro! San Pedro, Guatemala.

I thought I understood what it felt like to be cramped on a bus or a boat…but I was soooooo wrong. We caught a boat from Panachel to San Pedro with already a full boat, yet as we approached the next stop, they piled in another 20 people to the already packed boat. Bloody pirates (see previous entry for reference to pirates).


Turns out San Pedro is in the mist of a fiesta. So, quite a few Guatemalans descend onto the town in order to fiesta it up. Best part about the fiesta thus far is the food. Its amazing and dirt cheap. Although I wanted to partake in the activities, I had a more impending obligation…watching the final of the European Cup, and of course, drinking beer.


I was able to find  a nice little bar that had a good sized TV (for Guatemala at least). For those who don’t know me, I do not enjoy watching sports at all…except for Futbol. No, not the Dallas Cowboys (who are a pathetic excuse for a professional sports team), but Futbol that is often referred to as soccer in the states. The Futbol that brings entire countries to a stand still, causes riots worldwide, and is also the one sport that is passionately played in every country…except for the States of course.


While I’m on it…can someone please explain to me why they call it soccer and not football in the states? I think we should start calling soccer futbol (football), and start calling the present game of American football “hey,let’s hit each other really hard, pump a bunch of steroids, create national controversies by partaking in various criminal activities, and of course,  running lines off of dead hookers.” Seems a little long…not sure if it’ll catch on.


So I enjoyed watching the game, and congratulations to Espana for claiming the title. I was able to talk with some Germans (Germany actually just lost) and also with a lad from France. Good people, great game, and amazing afternoon.


The rest of the evening was spent walking around eating as much food as possible and  listening to live music. The band that I saw was actually quite good, playing numerous Latin styles. I thought about going out there and dancing, but considering my only partner could have been a drunk old guy, I choose to pass. Maybe next time. Sadly, I didn’t have my camera on me to capture any of these moments.


I believe tonight is Josh’s last night, so we plan on doing something crazy…probably take shots of local water and betting on who will first catch a local parasite. Odds are 2 to 1 in my favor. Good times shall be had.


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7 responses to “We Head to San Pedro! San Pedro, Guatemala.

  1. Exciting trip ahead. Looking forward to hearing about it and seeing more photos. http://www.bentpage.wordpress.com.

  2. Lucy

    Hey Eric, I am enjoying your chronicles of travel. It sounds like you are enjoying every minute! I hope everything continues to goes well.

  3. Josh

    Looks like I lost the bet on the parsite, finally starting to feel a bit better now though

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  5. Levi

    “hey,let’s hit each other really hard, pump a bunch of steroids, create national controversies by partaking in various criminal activities, and, of course, running lines off of dead hookers” instead of “football”? BRILLIANT!

  6. Dad

    remember, don’t drink the water…beer is better for you…
    Love Dad

  7. Mean BHS AP-Debra Harvey

    if you start burping something that tastes like bad eggs, expect foamy poo after about three days. take Tinizadole (chemically similar to Flagyl) for three days starting with the first pill at night before you go to bed, then take three pills each day for two days after that. trust me on this one i lived like this for 4 years.

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