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A Day Spent Surfing. Playa Tunco, El Salvador.

With warm water and some of the longest breaks in Central America, El Salvador is known for the surfing scene. Because of this, I was anxious to dive face first into this adrenaline pumping sport. This is Part II of the ongoing series “Eric Is An Idiot” (check out “My Search for Israel” for Part I). Continue reading


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Garifuna Land. Livingston, Guatemala.

Anxious to finally see the ocean, I headed towards a remote Caribbean town called Livingston. The draw here was the Garifuna culture, which is a distinctive blend of Africans, Mayans, Europeans, and other various indigenous people. Continue reading


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Photos Updated!

Sadly, my stint in Guatemala is coming to a close. I have uploaded a few of my favorite photos from the past few weeks, along with pictures of just a fraction of the people I have befriended (under people). Expect a few more writings to trickle in within the next few days in regards to Guatemala.

Off to El Salvador! Buen viaje!


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History of Tikal. Tikal, Guatemala.

I love history, and was especially fascinated by what I saw at Tikal. Here is an abbreviated version of the history of the Maya at Tikal…in my own words (thus making none of this actually reliable). Continue reading


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A Visit to Tikal. Tikal, Guatemala.

We were walking at a brisk pace. It was just after six in the morning, and we were trying desperately to make it to Temple IV of Tikal in order to watch the sunrise over the Mayan ruins. I was completely astonished on how hot it already was, but never the less, I hauled. After climbing a series of steps, I was there, overlooking the foggy landscape that once was cultivated by one of the most brilliant civilizations of all times, only to suddenly mysteriously collapse. As I sat there listening to the sounds of the jungle, I was able to just picture Mayans at work…thousands of years before I stepped foot on their land. Continue reading


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The Adventurer’s Paradise. Coban, Guatemala.

Within a few hours, I found myself drenched in sweat from a hike, admiring views that would make your jaw drop, swimming in turquoise blue swimming holes, and exploring caves in which the end is still unknown. Continue reading


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Attempting to Leave San Pedro. San Pedro, Guatemala.

Spanish classes were coming to a close, and as much as I hate saying goodbye to places I have fallen in love with, I was definitley looking forward to exploring a new area. But what I didn’t realize is how much this town truly loves me…so much it made sure I would get sick so I couldn’t leave. Honestly, it’s quite heart warming if you think about it. When I was finally about to bail, San Pedro was like “I don’t think so girlfriend!” Fine…I’ll stay…but just until I feel well again. Continue reading


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