Wait, So We Actually Speak Spanish? San Pedro, Guatemala.

I had my first Spanish lesson today, and it went great except for the fact that my professor gave me a ten thousand word dictionary and told me to have it memorized by tomorrow…ya….I’m on it.

My classroom is pretty amazing. Classroom being a little hut with no walls, but a semi roof that over looks Lago de Atitlan. When I’m not paying attention (which is about 99% of the time), I’m dreaming of being behind a boat slicing the water either on a water ski (notice that’s singular…real men only solemn) or on a wake board (honestly, never figured out how to use one of those, but the mentioning of a “wake board” puts me in with the cool people). Throughout the class, I can help myself to coffee or tea, in which today I took complete advantage of. I’m digging this so far.

I choose to stay with a family for the first week, and although I’m extremely comfortable and I probably couldn’t have asked for a better family, I might move back to the hostel I was originally in. It allows for just a little more freedom, and also, by the time I get out of 6 hours of private instruction, the last thing I want to do is try speaking more Spanish.

My family consists of two parents and a two year old boy. Usually…I’m not to fond of kids. My general rule of thumb is I hate everything living with the exception of trees and people over the age 18. But, when a child becomes an adult, that’s when I then allow for them to submit an application on whether or not I will like them or not. Its pretty competitive, so not everyone makes the cut.

But back to the story…their kid, Felix, I’m freaking in love with. Yes, I realize he only eats, sleeps, poops, and pretty just wastes oxygen, but he is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen…period. So, with that said, realize he’s a minority of children I actually like. I’m going to see if I can take him home with me. Uh oh…this is bad…I think I’m getting a soft side towards children…

My teacher has a name I can’t pronounce. I originally asked him if I could call him Bob…he said no…so we settled for Chino. I believe he said he was 25, has a wife and one kid. The first day he had a Corona hat on, so instantly I knew we were going to get along. He is constantly pushing me to learn more, which truthfully, I’m very grateful of. On the first day, he gave me a bajillion million quilion verbs to learn…still working on that list as we speak.

Looking forward to seeing my Spanish progress. Thus far, I have learned the appropriate naughty words and how to scream “speak English!” Kidding…my Spanish is a little better than that. Updates over the next few weeks will be shared as events unfold.


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5 responses to “Wait, So We Actually Speak Spanish? San Pedro, Guatemala.

  1. Josh


    Maybe one day I will teach you how to join the cool clan and teach you how to wake board, which transfers over to snow boarding pretty well, that is if you don’t mind giving up your love of skiing/ missing out on all that is cool.

    Glad you learning a lot of Spanish, keep up your studying, I’m jealous I’m not learning with you but you stomach seems a bit stronger than mine in respect to the local food, coffee, and tea.

  2. Alex

    Eric! Me esta gustando tu blog. Sigue escribiendo. Y mas te vale que aprendas a hablar/leer español. Sino, nunca vas a entender lo que he escrito. Al meno que se lo des a alguien para que te lo traduzca. Te apuesto que eso es lo que hiciste… pendejo! Jajaja.

    Dude learn some spanish so you can read my comments. Because they’ll all be in spanish. Ha.

    Sounds like an awesome trip so far, dude! I’m am super uber jealous. I’m tempted to make one of these blog things for my trip to Lima/Cuzco here in a week. I might.

    God bless. Keep writing.

  3. Mom

    You were a child under 18 and I still liked you! Actually I loved you & still do.
    luv/ hugs / kisses

  4. Laura

    That kids is PRECIOUS! Can I keep him???

  5. Mallory (the favorite cousin)

    Aw wakeboarding my favorite thing ever… I cant believe you never picked it up… I still think its funny how the girls (me, sar, and ali) wakeboard and you still stick to the ski… maybe one day, you might just make the “cool” kid crowd.

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