Kickng Around. San Pedro, Guatemala.

Spanish classes have kept me on a tight schedule which consists of waking up around 6 inthe morning (breakfast and time to study), classes that stretches my brain to capacity, then the evenings consisting of much more studying and attempting to grab a few beers allowing me to wind down. Today was one of my first days off to just kick it (since Josh has left), and I was able to experience the letting of time take its toll.


I’m currently staying at Hotel Xocomil (pronounced Shockomiel), and it’s paradise. Realize, it’s one step up from a run-down apartment complex that houses ex-convicts, but it works for me. The rooms are very  minimal that open to a cement courtyard, which is litered with clothes that are hung out to dry (yet nothing ever dries in the rainy season in Guatemala). We all share the bathroom, but luckily, we are provided with hot water (but no toilet paper). What makes Hotel Xocomil close to paradise is the people you encounter while your here. Sometimes, the common language shared only consists of Spanish, but hey…I can make do. 


Last night, when I came home, I quickly realized it was going  to be a rough night. The family I was living with cooked virtually everything in oil, and since I rarely eat anything fried, my stomach wasn’t appreciating the sudden change in cuisine. One of my friends from Hotel Xocomil was also not feeling to great, so we kind of turned it into a competition. Unfortunately, she won since I was feeling fine a few  hours later.


Waking up this morning, I felt fine and had virtually nothing to do for the entire day. I knew I had to wash some clothes, but was planning on doing these by hand. I was later informed that I can get most of my clothes washed for a little over $3…hmmm…think I’ll take the easier road here. They came back smelling o so nice and clean, which I’m sure they will only stay that way for two days.


A few of us decided to wander over to a restaurant called Zulas, which is kind of a Hebrew-based place that is very chilled out. You sit on blankets on the ground with pillows, and your food usually takes anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours to come out. A few of us were there for well over four hours, with some ordering food twice. Reminded me a lot of European dining…very chilled and spread out over an extended period of time.


San Pedro definitely has some pretty cool bars. There is a British Pub called Algre that shows movies on the top deck every night. Usually, they are movies illegally obtained that are still in the theater. There’s a little hole in the wall place called La Niezthat has ridiculously cheap drinks (such as fifty cent Cuba Libres) that I went to last weekend with Josh before he took off. Niez hasn’t been open these past few days…might need to go stop in a pay a visit to the owner, Crane, to see what’s up. I’ve also found some really cheap and amazing restaurants around here. From what I hear, San Pedro is one of the cheapest cities in Guatemala, so I try to take full advantage of that. 


I start more classes on Monday…so once again, that is sure to keep me occupied for the next few days.


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2 responses to “Kickng Around. San Pedro, Guatemala.

  1. Mean BHS AP-Debra Harvey

    Man Eric! I am so impressed!! waking up early on your travels – i think maybe the parasite skipped your stomach and went straight to your head!!!
    Best wishes on the language acquisition.

  2. Reta bailey

    Hi Eric sounds great send mor info love Aunt RETA

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