Learning To Take Cover. San Pedro, Guatemala.

First off, happy belated forth of July to everyone. Hopefully everyone enjoyed watching the technology of the Chinese light up the night time sky. In San Pedro, they enjoy loud noises…yet for me, I feel like I’m in the middle of a war.


It’s kind of like fireworks, minus the fire and works…just a really loud noise. I guess a good comparison would be a small bomb. They are fired into the air, go bang, and then make a puff of smoke. Nothing to look at all, but is definitely very loud and obnoxious.


The first day we arrived, they were setting these off in numerous quantities. I knew a fiesta was going on, so I figured it had something to do with that, but I did not realize a continuation of the festivities would persist a week later. So, this morning started off with these so called “fireworks” going off, and me jumping under my bed because I thought I was caught in start of a new civil war.


Later questioning reveled that people send these up to the god of San Pedro. Not sure if there’s anything else behind it, but I hope these shaningans end soon. I don’t deal well with loud bangs.


I also wonder if the people purchasing these enjoying pissing money down the drain (that’s the finance in me)…


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4 responses to “Learning To Take Cover. San Pedro, Guatemala.

  1. Meredith

    You spelled “fourth” wrong. haha I hope you are getting some good rest with all of those fireworks!

  2. Dad

    Next time write it in spanish..then lets see if Meredith can find mis-spelled words…lol…
    Just kidding Meredith

  3. Briyana

    also “revealed” spelled wrong. I’m your mom while your away! Teehee

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