Spanish and Beyond. San Pedro, Guatemala

Lots of happenings in San Pedro these past few weeks and I am finally sitting down to share them…
I am about to finish my second week of Spanish classes and have decided to extend it for another week. The school I am at is Cooperativa and I can’t say one thing bad about it (except maybe for the fact that the teachers make you work ridiculously hard…which I guess is good because it makes you learn). I still have the same teacher from day one. He goes by Chino (still can’t pronounce his real name), but I dig him. So far, I have been taking 6 hours of private instruction a day. Next week, I am dropping that to 4 hours a day…allowing me more time for studying on my own.

I have befriended numerous travelers from around the world and so far, have had a blast getting to know them. Here are a few stories:

I have the troop of anthropologists from California that I have been spending a lot of time with. One of the guys, Alex, is focusing his study on the cuisine of Guatemala. Luckily, he allowed me to partake in his research,which mostly consisted of eating as much food as possible. Thank you Alex for allowing me to become a fatty.

My girls from Britain just left earlier today, and although they both are half my size, they can easily drink ten times the amount I do. I met them a few days ago, and was able to spend hours discussing current and extremely controversial issues (mostly religion and politics). I also so desperately tried to convince them on the merits of capitalism, but sadly, I wasn’t able to pull them from the dark side. Ladies, one day you might see the light.

I met a Colombian business man the other night while enjoying a few beers. He claims to work in the coffee industry, sampling all coffee before it is exported from his country. As the night wore on, I started to realize he has a love for the drug cocaine and that he also has other business activities that aren’t exactly legal. Realize, he never came out and stated any of this, but I kind of picked up on it when he asked if I would like to work some business deals with him allowing him to “clean out his money.” He actually gave me his contact information before I realized how shady he was, but I kind of liked him. Plus, I’ve always wanted to get into the narcotic industry because I enjoy throwing my life down the drain….so I might drop him an email soon (note from Eric… for those who can´t sense scarcasm…that´s a joke).

I met some Mexicans the other night…and since only one of them spoke a little English, the Spanish was forced out. Although we only hung out for one day, they will definitely be remembered as the first guys I was finally able to have a conversation in Spanish with. Sadly, I can’t remember either of their names.

There is also Steven, the manager of Algre, a British pub right around the corner from my hostel. For some reason, I’m always drawn to bartenders/owners, and being in a different country is definitely not an exception. His pub definitely has the best deals in town, and also shows movies every night on the rooftop terrace.

When I’m not eating, sleeping, or talking, I study. Yes, that’s right, I’m studying on vacation, but it’s a cool feeling when you finally start getting a grasp of the language. I find myself up usually around six in the morning, running full speed throughout the day. Writing has been put on the back burner, but I’m hoping to get it going next week with the drop in class load.


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7 responses to “Spanish and Beyond. San Pedro, Guatemala

  1. Josh

    I want into the coffee business, lets do that

  2. John


    Sounds like things are going awesome for you man. I can’t believe how fast its going by for you. That’s awesome. So glad you are making some friends and getting to hear so many different stories of people from around the world. We miss you man. Take care of yourself.

  3. Brent

    Sounds like you are having a blast… Keep it up and keep Brie and I posted on your upcoming adventures!!!

  4. Dad

    Hey…sounds great…keep meeting people…
    You will be getting an amail for Tatiana. she is from Columbia and is the wife of a very good freind of mine in Houston….Matt ..
    She said she will give you come contacts while you are in Columbia..relatives….just in case you get sold into white-slavery…lol…don’t worry, they will send you back, as you don’t work….OTFL…
    Keep the info coming…..
    Love Dad

  5. tdiddy

    haha… thanks dad…

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  7. Mallory (the favorite cousin)

    “When I’m not eating, sleeping, or talking” or drinking!! I dont think you have posted one aritcle that you havnt talked about beer or drinks…

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