My Search for Israel. San Pedro, Guatemala.

I believe in sharing my experiences, and for some reason, I even enjoy sharing the moments when I look like a complete idiot. This is sure to be the first of many “Eric Is An Idiot” series.

The night was beginning to get rolling at Algre Pub. I met some great people that helped provide for a very eventful and entertaining evening. There was Paul, who is about to enter UT Law School. We talked about business and international trade, and I also pitched him a few of my business ideas (which I do with almost everyone). I then explained to him that one day I’ll need a good corporate lawyer…so he should come work for me. He was down until I explained my idea of buying out a pharmaceutical company, then creating a virus that only our company would have the cure for. Think Mission Impossible II (I have been informed that it’s hard to sense my sarcasm through my writings, so, for the record, I’m kidding and currently do not plan on killing off the human race).

There was also Carol, Justin, and Mike…who are in the process of driving from Houston to Argentina. Very interesting dynamic with them, and they were definitely the life of the party. There was also a Scottish couple from my language school that joined us…who are always an absolute blast to hang out with.

In the process of getting to know them, I began to tell them about an Israeli girl I had met early in the day. Honestly, I had never seen anyone as beautiful and intelligent as her. Before that night, I had met her twice in San Pedro…once in the Internet cafe, and the other time at the restaurant we were at for four hours. Both times I was able to talk to her for a few minutes, but nothing ever to serious. After raving to them about her (at the time, I couldn’t remember name, so we called her Israel), there was a unanimous group decision to go find the love of my life. We raised our glasses to Israel and off we went.

Before I go on, let me try to describe to you the Israeli travelers I have met so far. As a generalization, I find that they are exclusive and like to stay to just the people they travel with (which in my opinion, isn’t good or bad). Considering she was with three other girls, I knew that I was running an uphill battle just to get her to talk to me for more than a minute. When I say running up hill, think running up Mount Everest with the Tibetan army hurling snow balls at me. But hey…you only live once, so I was up for the challenge.

We choose to first hit this bar by the name of the Buddha. Honestly, I knew my odds of running into her were slim to none, but I figured it would at least make a good story (and it did). When we walked in, I looked over at the corner and couldn’t believe it…there she was, looking just as gorgeous as I remembered!

I approached her with my first mission to get her name. Although we had already both respectively introduced ourselves earlier on in the day, I could not for the life of me remember it. Considering I have one of the worst memories ever, over these past few years I have learned numerous tactics to get names with out sounding like a jerk. I remembered out of her and her three friends, three had names that were hard to pronounce. So in my head, I realized that the odds were in my favor if I dropped the line on how to pronounce your name…right?

We’ll I did…and her reply was “Come on, it’s the easiest name to remember…it’s Maya.” How the hell can I not remember the name Maya, especially since I’m in freaking Mayan country!

After trying to play it cool, I asked her if I could buy her a drink. She informed me that they were all about to head out, but for some reason I was able to convince her and her friends to stay for a few more minutes…or so I thought. We’re at the bar, and right as I’m about to order, she told me that they are leaving to head back to their hotel. I was speechless…here is the girl of my dreams (which I thought I had no chance of seeing that night) running out on me. For some reason I let her go, but a few minutes later, I had a realization that I will never see this girl again and letting her leave was the stupidest thing I could have ever done. I then find myself running desperately throughout the streets calling her name in hopes of trying to find her… sadly, she never appeared.

I wasn’t giving up that easily. She told me that they were leaving for Antigua the next morning, and once again, I was determined to find her. I found myself up early this morning walking the streets in hopes of seeing her. Once again, I had no luck.

But…don’t worry…I’m not giving up that easily! I’m about to buy a plane ticket to Israel and ask around if anyone knows Maya. I’m sure there are only a few hundred thousand Mayas, so I think it should be a piece of cake.


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4 responses to “My Search for Israel. San Pedro, Guatemala.

  1. Mom

    You are too young to have a girlfriend!
    luv Mom

  2. Eric

    girlfriend… hell… if I see her again I´m going to ask her to marry me…

  3. Josh


    Keep it up, don’t worry, in the long run we only hit what we are aiming at.

  4. Wanda

    How sad. But beautiful. Go to Israel. Find her… 😉 very very sweet story….

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