The Highly Anticipated Weekend. San Pedro, Guatemala.

Due to the intensity of my Spanish classes, I was highly looking forward to the weekend allowing me to relax and make new friends. Certain items were on the agenda, but we mostly flew by the seat of our pants.

Friday night started the weekend off right. The hotel where I’m staying (Hotel Xocomil) only has one requirement…you must be completely awesome. About eight of us created our own gathering on the patio sharing life stories and listening to hopes and aspirations.

I talked with a guy by the name of Ben from Oregon quite a bit. To keep people in line, from here on out I will refer to people by their place of origin. Oregon is in the process of moving to Nicaragua to open a hostel and once he gets that completed, he is heading back to his home to start the Annual Hobbit Festival. Be sure to watch out for that…it’ll take the country by storm.

After nearly six hours of conversation with Hotel Awesome and a visit to a local bar, I called it a night. The next morning, I found myself with Oregon and some other friends from Nebraska making the jump from the rocks into the freezing cold lake. In actuality, it’s probably a moderate temperature around 65 degrees…but we choose to go when the wind was picking up speed and the clouds were rolling in. While the locals were highly entertained by our stupidity, we had a blast. Nothing starts the day better by jumping into water so cold that it feels like you have been stabbed with a knife in the back.

Oregon and I went up to check out the Saturday market and get a quick snack. My intention was to eat something small since I was planning on going to lunch within an hour, but next thing I know, I was chowing down on their version of tamales along with tostadas covered in black beans and avocado. To top it off, we then had a smoothie that had been injected with steroids…all this food was for less than $3. This so called “snack” left me fat and happy.

A lazy afternoon was sure to follow, with me joining my anthropologists at a restaurant for the next four hours. We eventually made it to a local bar/restaurant to watch Donny Darco, along with meeting numerous other people.

My anthropologists bailed, but my new friends and I had big plans for the night. We all moved down stairs after the movie to meet up with some of my other friends and to have a drink together. The night eventually took us on numerous ventures, from a certain individual in the pursuit of an Israeli girl, to trying to lose the creepy Guatemalan man at a reggae bar, hitting up a techno bar that was extremely awkward, finally, ending up at a salsa club allowing me to dance with a girl a foot taller than I am. Nothing makes a short guy feel better when he looks like a complete idiot dancing with a girl that tall.


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3 responses to “The Highly Anticipated Weekend. San Pedro, Guatemala.

  1. Laura

    And you were worried about meeting people….Pa-lease….miss ya 🙂

  2. Josh

    Ya Eric, sounds like you should just keep hanging at the salsa bar.

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