Attempting to Leave San Pedro. San Pedro, Guatemala.

Spanish classes were coming to a close, and as much as I hate saying goodbye to places I have fallen in love with, I was definitley looking forward to exploring a new area. But what I didn’t realize is how much this town truly loves me…so much it made sure I would get sick so I couldn’t leave. Honestly, it’s quite heart warming if you think about it. When I was finally about to bail, San Pedro was like “I don’t think so girlfriend!” Fine…I’ll stay…but just until I feel well again.


So late last week, think it was Thursday, my stomach began to get mad at me (probably from something I ate). Realize, this is nothing uncommon for traveling, so I figured I would just drink a ton of water and head to bed. The next morning I found myself barely able to move, and sadly, canceling my last day of classes. I sent a message to my teacher informing him that he must stop by so we can say our farewells. He did, and of course he enjoyed a good laugh at the gringo who was hugging the toilet. The good news was that I was only throwing up and Montezuma was not seeking revenge.


I don’t get sick very often, but when I do, I seriously am the biggest baby ever (my mom can attest to this). Luckily my friend Lynne took great care of  me…bringing me water, Gatorade, food, and what ever else I asked for. She was probably the next best thing to my mommy in which I could have asked for.


So I was bed-ridden most of the day Friday and I even missed my going away party that I had planned for myself (luckily the troops came to pay me a visit late Friday night). Realize, I am probably the worst sick person ever because of my inability to relax. I can’t just sit there, so I found myself up and about early Saturday morning, once again trying to plan my escape from this town. I found a route, booked my bus ticket for the following morning, and then headed back to the hotel to start getting my belongings together.


But wait…right as I think I’m well enough to travel, it hits me again. The gods of San Pedro are demanding my stay be lengthened, but I attempted to fight back. Saturday was a rough night on my stomach, but I was still planning on taking off the next morning…that is until Lynne comes in my room at 3 am and lectures me on the necessity of not pushing myself. As I attempt to blow her off, she raises her voice informing me that if I attempt to travel in my current state, it will be one of the most miserable journeys I will ever undertake. Geezzz…women….


So I lost the battle…I ended up spending most of my Sunday resting and watching Scrubs from my iPod. Lynne was right…and I’m glad I didn’t try to travel today. For a small fee, I was able to exchange my bus ticket for the following morning. Let’s see if I’m permitted to finally leave tomorrow….



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3 responses to “Attempting to Leave San Pedro. San Pedro, Guatemala.

  1. Vic Seefeldt

    Just a note to say hi. My thoughts will remain with you as your travel continues. Be safe.

  2. Josh

    Good luck getting out man,

    I’ve been there and done that, except I fought it and left feeling horrible and it was an incredibly miseralble journey.

    I hear once you get sick though your over the hump and your stomach will be stronger for the remainder of the journey.

  3. Pat

    Hey amigo,
    I too have spent time in SP and like it very much because of the loose atmosphere. I am from NYC (h.s. teacher) and have spent time in Guate, first time in 2007 to attend school in Antigua. In 2008 I rented a small house in Pana because there wasn’t anything available in Antigua. Last summer I rented a small place in Antigua but travelled to the Lake as often as possible and definitely spent a night or two (or three lol) in SP. Everyone who I’ve mentioned SP to in Antigua claims that’s the drug town. lol Definitely a draw for this stressed out teacher lol Anyway, just retired and on my way back for a few months.
    I too got sick as a dog in SP one time. Had to spend an extra night because I was literally unable to get up for 24 hours!! Nightmare!! Rinsed my toothbrush under the faucet tap was what did it, never again lol
    Glad to hear of your adventures and will difinitely try that particular hotel, sounds too good to be true! I am very interested in the hot water part lol Best wishes to you in your travels.

    Patricia (much older woman, just friendly is all lol)

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