The “Best of San Pedro.” San Pedro, Guatemala.

Since I have been in San Pedro for nearly three weeks now, I’ve been playing the roll of “unofficial guide” for travelers stopping by. Now, I share with everyone the best places (in my opinion) in San Pedro. For those considering coming here, read and memorize every word…and for those not even thinking about a trip to San Pedro, read anyways to see what you are missing.


First things first…by far one of the best places I have ever stayed is Hotel Xocomil. If you have been following my posts, you  have already heard me rave about it. Honestly, the structure isn’t that great…but the rooms are clean and you get  blasting hot water(which is uncommon in Guatemala) for less than $3 a night. But what makes it so great is the people that roll through here. I feel like I have done a good amount of traveling to date, but I have easily met the friendliest people at Hotel Xocomil (dubbed Hotel Awesome by yours truly). Come check it out…talk with Chuis…the lady who runs this place, and tell her Eric sent ya.


Near the docks where the boats arrive from Panajechel is a restaurant by the name of Shanti Shanti. Easily, it is in my top five restaurants in the world (the other four consist of a Mexican place in Fort Worth, a Greek place near my mum’s house, a Chinese restaurant in Italy, and of course, McDonalds). Every time I have decided to head to Shanti Shanti for dinner, I find myself jumping up and down with excitement. After dinner, I’m usually  in tears because it was that amazing. I recommend any of their curries, the chicken and rice, or the felafel’s. Hell…you can’t go wrong here. Make sure you also get some humus to start the night off right. My current record is ten felafafel balls…let me know if you’re able to shatter that record. If so…I’ll buy ya dinner. It is also worth mentioning that the view is to die for. It’s overlooking the lake, and often times, the sun is setting over the mountains with light glistening pristinely off of the smooth water. Great place to dine and relax whether it´s during the day or starting off the night.


For a quick snack, there is usually a Japanese couple selling veggie burgers around lunch time. Now, I’m not big on being vegetarian…honestly, can’t go for more than a few minutes without thinking about meat…but these are an exception. Try the tomato burger…and plus, it’s always entertaining to listen to the Asian-Spanish accent.


There’s a place that I have fallen in love with by the name of Alegre. Also near the Panajchel docks, it’s a British Pub that serves traditional British dishes (I’ve heard they’re fabulous), but my experience is with the bar itself. They have ridiculous drink specials throughout the week (such as $.45 Cuba Libres) and also show movies every night on the terrace. Great way to finish off the day. But, what makes this place out of the ordinary is definitely the staff. Leslie is one of the waitresses that I have befriended, and she’s always there smiling and willing to talk…great way to practice my Spanish. The best way to describe the manager, Stephen, is that he’s a complete  bad ass. I met him one of the first days here, and since then, I’ve made a point to seek him out as much as possible around town. In addition to Leslie and Stephen, there are numerous long term travelers and locals who hang out here….stop by and use the standard conversation starter…where ya from?


Every morning there is a lady by the name of Lloreno who sells the best bread ever. Choices consist of banana, carrot, or chocolate. I think I’m going to see if I can fit her into my bag and take her home with me…that way, anytime I want her bread…she can make me a fresh batch.


I love fruit with a passion…so much that if I were a fruit…I would eat myself. I have fallen in love with the ladies that I have dubbed as the “Smoothie Queens.” Near the center of town (which is up the hill…a huge hill which I might say that always leaves me huffing and puffing) you will see various ladies with all of their fruit to create smoothies. Create a combination from strawberries, blackberries, bananas, mango, pineapple, papaya, and whatever seasonal fruits they have at the time. Also make sure to get it “con leche,” meaning, with milk. As they pour your smoothie into a bag, make sure you give them a hug and tell them how much Eric loves them.


I have little time remaining…. must… go… stuff… my…. face…. now….


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3 responses to “The “Best of San Pedro.” San Pedro, Guatemala.

  1. David Spencer

    I cannot believe you have actually done it. Not gonna lie, I am proud of you, bro. I may or may not be just a little jealous. Talk to you soon.


  2. Megan

    Food sounds great… you should post pictures of it too!

  3. Josh


    Dude, I’m glad you meeting lots of people, I found through my travels that its the people that are often more interesting than the destinations.

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