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Island Living. Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Heading further south along the coast, I finally ventured into Bocas del Toro Panama. I was traveling with a friend and attempted to describe what he was about to see. The best phrase I could think of was that it is the happiest place on earth. Yes, that’s right…it’s happier than Disneyland. Continue reading



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Quick Update…

For those who have been asking, here is a quick update on what is going on in the life of Eric. Continue reading


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A Visit to the National Park. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

After a night sleeping in a hammock, I awoke at the crack of dawn due to the sounds of wildlife. You are probably thinking, awww, how cool…being awoken by monkeys and birds! Nope…not really. All I wanted to do is sleep, but like always, the wild prevailed. Continue reading

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The Local Fiesta. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

I packed my bag for the second attempt to journey towards the Caribbean coast. I spent a few weeks in this beautiful area when I was last in Costa Rica, so I was highly looking forward to seeing the changes that have taken place since then. Continue reading

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In Their Words. San Jose, Costa Rica.

Our last night, I asked the girls what were some of their favorite and least favorite things they did while in Costa Rice. I compiled the list and have it published below. Their thoughts are in bold, with favorites coming first. Of course, it is intertwined with my own thoughts of sarcasm. Continue reading

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Regression Towards Greatness. San Jose, Costa Rica.

Our stint in Tamarandio was coming to a close and I was highly looking forward to spending a few more days in San Jose. We packed our bags and caught the early bus towards the “City of Greatness.” Continue reading

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Traveling With Girls. Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

My sister and my cousin knew there were certain activities they wanted to accomplish while they were here. I just wanted to make it through without killing them. Luckily, we both succeeded. Continue reading


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