Conquering the City. San Salvador, El Salvador.

After my disastrous surf experience, I was anxious to get out of the country of El Salvador. I’m sure there are many beautiful places, but in my head, it’s a country of surfers and only surfers. In order to get to Nicaragua, I realized I would spend the night in San Salvador.

I’m drawn to cities, and once I get over my initial fright, I love Central American capitals. They are extremely polluted, ugly, full of complete jerks, and extremely dangerous…what’s not to like? I arrived in San Salvador early afternoon, and after securing my transport for the following day, I went out exploring.

Honestly, I wasn’t to fond of El Salvador. All of the locals I encountered seemed to have no interest in conversation with me at all. I was screwed by countless taxi drivers, and anytime I asked for help, it was rarely given with enthusiasm (as opposed to Guatemala). Whenever I am not enjoying some location, I find myself reverting to “Americanism.” That pretty much means I want to do stuck up American things. I found out about a mall not to far from my hotel and decided to head that way.

I choose to take the local bus system since it was so cheap. I have no idea how, but I actually made it there in less than thirty minutes. I checked the times for movies playing later that afternoon, but sadly, everything was dubbed over in Spanish. That day, my Spanish was horrible, so I decided on possibly seeing a movie later that evening in English.

I found my way back, once again on public transportation, and was ecstatic on conquering the crappy bus system. I immediately jumped right back on the bus (when I say immediately, I mean more like after an hour nap) to the mall, just to see if I can do it again. This time around, I choose to actually see movie (in English, of course).

Afterwards, I enjoyed a wonderful dinner of Subway. It’s amazing how wonderful an American meal can taste after almost six weeks of rice and beans. Since I had lost a pair of shorts a few days prior, my next mission was to find a pair that suited my needs. Considering I do laundry once every six years while traveling, I wanted a khaki material that wouldn’t hold smell. I finally found a suitable pair, and after purchasing and making friends with the clerk, I headed back to the hotel.

The rest of the evening was spent…well…doing nothing. I packed my bag and prepard myself for the following day…a twelve hour bus ride to Nicragua.


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2 responses to “Conquering the City. San Salvador, El Salvador.

  1. Dad

    I agree, get out of town…

  2. Craig

    Guess you didn’t make it to Perquin or Suchitoto. Lastima.

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