Days in Granada. Granada, Nicaragua.

For most visitors, they can’t but help fall in love with Granada. Situated on the banks of Lago de Nicaragua, this picturesque city is lined with Spanish architecture, horse drawn carriages, and vendors selling their handicrafts. Losing yourself in time was quite easy to do, as I found myself staying a few extra days than I originally anticipated.

Granada was founded in 1524, thus making it one of the older cities in the Americas colonized by the Europeans. It prospered as a trade center due to its strategic location on the lake as well as access to the Caribbean Sea. Pirates loved it, and was sacked three times within the first hundred and fifty years. I always thought being a pirate could be a wise career choice, and this idea was strengthened when I read about Captain Henry Morgan paying a visit to this town. He was able to make all the way back to Jamaica with over half a million pounds in 1665…just from Granada. Think about his return on investment…

Years pass, civil wars erupt, and some jerk by the name of William Walker decides to conquer Granada. He fled a few years later, but instead of leaving the city in a decent state, he decided to light it on fire (I’m guessing due to his interest in being a pyro). But never fear…most has been restored since this idiocratic idea.

Honestly, I didn’t want to do to much, and I succeeded in just that. On one of my first days, I found an amazing breakfast place that I frequented every morning during my stay. The bacon and cheese omelet started the day off right, which was also aided by the unlimited coffee.

Time was spent strolling the streets and the main plaza while attempting to sample as much street food as possible. Juices were readily available as well as local Nicaraguan dishes at rock bottom prices. I paid a visit to the museum, which had some amazing displays on the history of this colonial city and surrounding region. I also visited other historical buildings, such as the cathedral (which provided an amazing view of the city) and the Fortaleza La Polvora, which was a military garrison built to provide protection to the city. In the afternoons, the heat was often times very extreme, so time was spent lounging around… you know, since eating my omelet a few hours before required so much energy.

Since I started traveling, I really haven’t made an attempt to seek out the night life in any of the places I have visited. As the weekend approached in Granada, I had some friends offer up the idea of karaoke. For me, I don’t need much convincing when it comes to belting my tone deaf voice in a bar for all of the patrons. I didn’t expect them to offer many English songs to sing, but in actuality, that’s all they offered.

Scanning through the list, I finally spotted my desired choice. With much thought, I choose the song Wannabe by one of my favorite artists of all time…the Spice Girls. I somehow managed to convince one of my friends, Richard, to join me in making it a duet. Since Richard held no familiarity with this extremely talented all girl group, I did my best to explain to him where and when he should take the melody or harmony, as well as show him a few dance moves that would fit well with the tune.

When our names were called, we headed up there with much enthusiasm…sort of. I think at this time, Richard realized I was crazy, and instead of looking forward to our duet, he was more or less wondering how to get out of this. Never the less, he came through. As the song started, I took the lead, with Richard singing the response. Since I knew the song by heart, I did not have to worry about following the words on the screen. This allowed me to concentrate on the amazing dance moves I attempted to pull off, such as the “Robot” and the “Sprinkler”.

What can I say, I think everyone was thorughly impressed. To bad a representative from a record company wasn’t present to see our performance. I’m sure if one was there, we would have instantly been offered a record deal.

I forgot to mention…I call myself “Awesome Spice.”


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5 responses to “Days in Granada. Granada, Nicaragua.

  1. Joshua

    Here is a great article..
    I am sure that you enjoy reading it..

  2. Josh

    I think I see a future for you as a cover band singer with your Spice Girl Talent

  3. Aunt Karen


    I love reading your stories and I can’t wait to see some of these places. You are really experiencing the culture and making wonderful friends. Please don’t surf anymore, you had my heart stop for you. Take care …Love, Aunt Karen

  4. Mallory (the favorite cousin)

    SPICE GIRLS! Me, al, & sar and all so proud.

  5. Alex

    I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or impressed… maybe a mix of the two? yeah.

    I’m glad you’re having fun out there, dude. It’s all about getting out there and experiencing the culture! Although does singing a Spice Girls song at a karaoke bar qualify? hmmm…. haha.

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