The Chase Continutes. Matlagapa, Nicaragua.

My Latina and I were still actively pursuing each other, yet due to our language barrier, it has been quite a difficult chase. Numerous conversations on the phone has left me with much confusion, only to find myself laughing on how crazy this whole idea is later on.

To date, the meeting of the mother has yet to take place. Although I was flattered that she was willing to show her Brad Pitt look alike off to her, I was quite relieved when I phoned her and she said that we would have to do it later on. This will give me a few more days to attempt to learn the language of love…aka Spanish.

We made plans for Friday evening, and this was going to consist of meeting some of her best friends. Realizing this was a big deal, once again I indulged in a shower and did my best to dress up. Arriving at the bar, we both excitedly greeted each other and headed in. Finding a table for us and her friends, we made sure to have our seats right next to each other so we could attempt to talk the entire night.

It’s quite humorous to watch us in conversation. She talks at a very rapid pace, even after numerous requests by yours truly to talk slowly. For both of us, we both occasionally make sure the other one is understanding what we are trying to communicate. Usually, I have no idea what the hell she is saying, but when she asks if I just understood, I always smile and say yes.

I think I finally met someone who is more social than I am. Usually when I head out, no one can keep up with my pace. I’m constantly on the go, wanting to meet more people. She can, and she can easily top me. As the night wore on, she was all over the place and seriously knew half the bar. I couldn’t help but laugh because I never thought I would be out done by a beautiful Latina. I eventually headed back to my hotel due to being consumed with complete exhaustion of doing absolutely nothing, but we made plans to see each other the following night.

Sadly, the following night did not happen. Don’t really know why, but when I phoned her, I spoke with her sister. I think her whole family has conspired against me, so they know that anytime I call, they have to speak so fast so it’s impossible for me comprehend the words that come out of their mouth. I picked up phrases here and there, and if I translated right, it was something along the lines of you’re a stupid, stinky pig…go learn how to talk, and leave my sister alone. She also told me to call back tomorrow, so there’s a good chance I got the first part of the translation wrong.

Getting to know her has been great. She is currently studying medicine in Leon, and also she is one of the smartest girls I have ever met. Honestly, I have no idea if anything will ever work out. Maybe something will come of this, and if not, I will have a beautiful Nicaraguan friend that I know I’ll stay in contact with in the future. Also, how many people can say they have gone on a date with someone who they don’t share a common language? That’s right…not many. But see, I’m Eric, and stupidity is my game.


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6 responses to “The Chase Continutes. Matlagapa, Nicaragua.

  1. Katie

    Oh no! Eric’s never coming back! LOL! She’s so pretty!!

  2. Aunt Margaret

    You look pretty happy in that picture Eric. You two make a nice couple.

  3. Laura

    Looks like the shoe is on the other foot now doesn’t it!!! (insert clearing throat noise) haha…Hugs.

  4. David

    Way out of your league… and you sir are no Brad Pitt!!!!

  5. Dona

    Eric – I’m quite enjoying your stories! And you have brought back some fun memories for me. Before you were born, I was working in Milan and met a very nice, good looking Italian fellow who asked me out. He spoke no English, I spoke verrrrrrry little Italian (enough to get room & board, not what I needed here!). We had 2 innocent dates, my Italian was enough to understand he had a sister & a horse, his father had died, and he worked at a bank. Can’t remember what I managed to convey about myself. But on the nite of the 3rd date, I had no Italian sentences left, so fearing it would take another direction, I didn’t keep the date. I felt bad but was unable to even explain that to poor Francesco! So I hope for you this is more than just a bittersweet memory to look back on in your dotage, but if not, it IS a fun memory and “I wonder what if…”s are always good on a rainy day. I’m glad you are living your life to the fullest. And by the way, you are a very good writer! Keep it up, may your Spanish improve enough to comprende la familia, and be safe.

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