Lost in Time. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Before coming down to San Juan del Sur, I was warned that it is a place that you can easily get pulled into. I’m currently on my fourth day at this beach town, yet it feels like just yesterday I arrived. I decided to spend my last and final day in Nicaragua exploring the town along with the surrounding countryside.

A friend and I decided it would be a good idea to rent a bike for the day. We had our eyes set upon the top of this mountain in the distance, and rumor had it, we would be able to catch a view of the Pacific Ocean along with Isla de Ometepe. Although they could not offer training wheels to go along with the rental, I went through with the purchase anyways. Bike rentals set, we headed off.

I didn’t expect the bikes to be great, actually, even good, but I was hoping they would at least work. We made it up the first hill, and of couse, my pedal breaks off. Damn. Since it’s kind of hard to bike with out a pedal, we headed down the hill, the hill I had just used most of my energy to get up, to take care of the problem. Luckily, they had it fixed within a matter of minutes, and we headed right back up the same hill, the hill that already went up, only to come down again. I let my friend take the lead, actually, he just did since I couldn’t keep up with him. But I acted like I did it on purpose, and pretended to draft off of him. But it’s hard to draft when you are a good quarter mile behind him…but never the less…I was drafting.

I’ve never been good on a bike. Actually, come to think of it, the only thing I’m really good at is being a smart ass. But, in regards to my professional biking career, I was a late bloomer. I was petrified of falling off, so I chose to ride a neon green scooter until I was probably nineteen. And yes, I was the laughing stalk of the neighborhood. What gets me though is the fact that for some reason, most people I hang out with while traveling seem to be in phenomenal shape, and the guy I was with for the ride was no exception. So here I am, riding through the Nicaraguan country side, scared to death that I’m about to fall and so desperately trying to keep up with a future Olympian. Seriously, can someone explain to me how I get myself into ideas such as this?

Back to the story…we’re almost at the top of the hill, and guess what…my other pedal broke. Like I said, I expected the bikes not to be great, but at least that they would hold together. Seems like a logical request, right? Laughing our asses off, we headed back down the hill, yes, the hill that I climbed up, only to climb down to get the pedal fixed, only to climb back up to have another pedal break. By the time we arrived at the shop…I threw in the towel. Wasn’t into biking anymore, so we just decided to stick to what we can do well…stay on our feet.

Our group expanded, and about four of us headed off to explore some surrounding coves and lagoons. It was cool traversing the rocks and discovering small caves. The water was absolutely beautiful, yet right against the rocks, it was a little rough to swim in. We kept making our way further and further from the town, and then I had an idea…to swim back. I don’t know if it’s because I have enjoyed Michael and the rest of his team kicking the French’s ass, or my sudden urge to be a life guard on Baywatch, but swimming back intrigued me. I somehow managed to convince another guy to join me, so we left our bags with the other mates, jumped in, and took off.

The swim was nice, yet sadly, nothing really eventful, such as one of us drowning, happened. I wish there was something to laugh about here…but there isn’t…jump in, talk smack to the walkers, and took off. It helped me demonstrate my athleticism among the other guys, and afterwards, I rewarded myself by stuffing my face with a huge lunch, not once, but twice. That’s the way true athletes do it.

Even though I religiously bathe in sun screen, sometimes up to SPF 50, I have became quite dark. Yes, that irresistible muscular guy off to the right you see staring out at the sea is me. The guy who has been writing all of this bull that for some reason people actually read it… yes, that is the author.The one, the only, and full of a ton of crap…


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8 responses to “Lost in Time. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

  1. Greg Houston

    “fourth” “stock” “bathe”
    English is my first language; Spanish my second. I have a home in SJdS and it is a lovely place.

  2. Thanks for those grammar corrections… English is to damn hard…

  3. John

    Eric- Dude that place looks rockin’. I hope things are going well!Shoot me an email man tell me what your time table is lookin like. I miss ya bro! PS-you cannot get in better shape than me. looks like I got some work to catch up!

  4. susan

    I see someone else is trying to swoop on my job.
    Sounds like a great time. I like the pictures.

  5. susan

    I see someone else is trying to swoop on my job.
    Sounds like you’re having a blast. I like the pics.

  6. Dad

    I love the pictures of the ocean..reminds me of california….let me know when Ali gets there…send pics…
    Love Dad

  7. Dad

    Where are the nice pair of sunglasses I gave you???…lol

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