Traveling With Girls. Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

My sister and my cousin knew there were certain activities they wanted to accomplish while they were here. I just wanted to make it through without killing them. Luckily, we both succeeded.

Our first full day in touristy and ugly Tamarindo, the girls wanted to go zip lining. I really didn’t have a desire to go (since I went a few years back), so I walked them to the tourist office to see them off. They returned a few hours latter filled with excitement.

“Eric, guess what!”


“We said guess!”

“I don’t guess.”

“Eric, you’re no fun! But we saw a monkey!”

“Oh wow, that is just so amazing,” I replied in an extremely sarcastic voice (sarcasm…the one thing I’m great at).

My cousin then proceeded to show me 3,429 pictures of monkeys, farm animals, trees, her hanging from the rope, and more farm animals. She has always had an obsession with farm animals, something I never really understood. The ride out there and even coming back, she made the driver stop every time a chicken crossed the road…no joke. I can just imagine what the dialogue looked like…

“Oh my gosh! A chicken!!!! Stop the car. I need a picture!” She gets out, takes the picture, and then they proceeded on. Two minutes then pass.

“I can’t believe it! Another chicken! Stop. I need another picture!” Car stops. Takes another picture. Caravan then proceeds to the destination. Only a minute passes.

“Holy crap. I can’t believe it! It’s another chicken! Stop. O shit, look a goat too! Wow, this is the coolest place ever! Quick, take a picture of me with the goat!”

It sounded like the guides they had really did a great job. They snapped numerous photographs along with a few videos of the girls, something that will be a blast to watch in the future. It was fun looking at pictures of the girls zip lining… but not so much of the farm animals.

Later that night, we headed out for a few drinks on the town. The girls dressed up and looked like they were about to go to a club in LA. I was wearing the same shirt and pair of shorts I have been wearing for the past week…we were definitely on a different level. The girls led the group to a club, yet once there, only they wanted to go in. The group split into two. The first group I dubbed ¨the people who smell nice,¨ which only consisted of my sister and cousin, and then the other group dubbed ¨the people who smell like hell.¨ I led the hell group… only because I was the one who smelled the worst. They enjoyed a sophisticated atmosphere, while the rest of the smelly people headed to more of a beach bar. We eventually met up later that night and proceeded to have an entertaining evening. Probably by far the most entertaining conversation though was with my sister.

“Eric, my abs are sore. Do you think zip lining made my abs stronger?”

“Of course. What you did was probably the equivalent to two thousand crunches,” I replied.

“Really? So do I look stronger?”

“Ya you do. Seriously, you must be a body builder.”

“Wow thanks. I should go zip lining more often.”

“What a great idea.”

The next day was spent hanging out around town. I heard of a really good Taco Shop, so I somehow managed to convince them to go to a non-touristy restaurant. Since it had been raining the entire night, the walk over there was extremely muddy. For some reason, it always gives me great joy when these girls are thrown out of their comfort zone.

“Eric, I have mud all over me!”

“Really? I don’t see it at all.”

“Look at this. My legs are covered. And oh my gosh. Look at my hair?”

“Ummm…it looks like hair to me.”

“AHHHH. Eric, I almost slipped!”

“On what?”

“The mud you idiot! Look how muddy I am. Oh my gosh, look, another chicken! Quick, take another picture!”

And so forth. They ended up loving the taco shop, so we were all in a great mood leading up to our afternoon. My cousin then took off to go meet up with one of her friends who recently moved down here, leaving my sister and I at our hostel.

We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening relaxing and attempting to catch up. I also attempted to teach her how to cook, but she pretended she did not know how to work in the kitchen at all. Truth be told, I think she was just acting. Quite intelligent if you think about it. She somehow had me cook her an entire meal while she sat there and watched. Job well done sis…job well done.

Before we knew it…the three of us were on our way back to San Jose…


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9 responses to “Traveling With Girls. Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

  1. Mallory (the favorite cousin)

    See Tamarindo wasnt so bad. And I was more excited to see the pigs rather than chickens. And you forgot to leave out the part that you didnt want to go to the club with us because you didnt want to pay the $2 cover to get in!

  2. Ali (the sister)

    best week of your travels for sure! oh and you know you liked cooking for me.

  3. Aunt Nancy

    OK, maybe because I know the girls of which you speak, but this is the funniest entry so far. Totally hilarious. Cannot wait to see those photos. (BTW, half of my Hawaii photos are of chickens.)

    Ladies, I have goat next door and will be babysitting some chickens soon. You are invited!

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  5. Reta bailey

    Eric nice tour guide sounds like fun sendmoe info

    love you Aunt Reta

  6. Debbie

    I am just an innocent bystander who knows your Aunt Nancy and I think this is the funniest blog I’ve ever read! Eric and my daughter would get along great – I think the girls were perfect in their enthusiasm and good for them! I too have a chicken fetish.

  7. Terri (friend of Aunt Nancy)

    I am a friend of your Aunt Nancy and I definitely do not have a chicken fetish. It must run in your family. Seriously, though, the tales of your travels are quite entertaining…

  8. Eric~The Writer

    I can’t stand chickens… I just think there are some crazy people in my family… haha. Thanks for the props on my tales… keep reading…

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