In Their Words. San Jose, Costa Rica.

Our last night, I asked the girls what were some of their favorite and least favorite things they did while in Costa Rice. I compiled the list and have it published below. Their thoughts are in bold, with favorites coming first. Of course, it is intertwined with my own thoughts of sarcasm.

1. Zip lining.I can see how this was their favorite thing they did. Zip lining is a blast, but they might have also enjoyed it so much because I wasn’t there. Or maybe it was the farm animals they saw.

2. Airplane Vodka. As you may recall, they had the brilliant idea to purchase a bottle of vodka for the plane ride out here. I was lucky enough to put up with their drunk asses when they landed.

3. Taco Shop. This was a great little restaurant I took them to about half way through our trip. No complaints here, but I think the journey in the mud over and watching them get all pissed off was one of my most enjoyable moments of my trip.

4. Staying at the Holiday Inn. Seriously? One of their favorites was staying at an American hotel?

5. Ladies night at the club. Which of course…I hated. I can’t deal with “poshness” when I’m traveling. Maybe it’s because I wear the same clothes every day, or the fact that I always look like crap…

Least favorites…

1. Weather/humidity. They could not deal with their hair being frizzy. Plus, since they couldn’t find electrical outlets for their straighteners, it made the situation even better (for me, that is).

2. First bus ride. The first bus we took…they hated. This also was the bus ride my cousin was really looking forward too…which I also warned her that it wasn´t going to be that much fun.

3. Tranquilo Backpackers. This was the hostel we stayed at both times in San Jose, and also one of my favorite hostels in the world. Tranquilo…describes it perfectly.

4. Hippies. Hippies love the earth and love each other. Not sure what wasn’t to like here…

5. Bug bites. I told them if they stopped using deodorant and soap, they’ll stop biting. They couldn’t handle that.

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  1. Craig

    If they couldn’t hack Costa Rica, it’s a good thing they didn’t visit you in Guatemala!

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