Regression Towards Greatness. San Jose, Costa Rica.

Our stint in Tamarandio was coming to a close and I was highly looking forward to spending a few more days in San Jose. We packed our bags and caught the early bus towards the “City of Greatness.”

Arriving back in San Jose, we made our way to Tranquilo Backpackers, a hostel we stayed at previously. Of course, I loved the place, and the girls hated it. Their complaints were ignored while I enjoyed the luxuries of the hostel we were at.

Once we were settled in, the first item of business was to fill our empty stomachs. I took them by one of my favorite restaurants to see what their thoughts were. Looked great to my sister, so she went ahead and ordered, but my cousin refused to eat anything that she saw. As she sat and gave me the evil stare (which I’m used to), my sister and I enjoyed one of my favorite restaurants in San Jose.

I took them over to Mecardo Central to do some last minute shopping. I grabbed a cup of coffee while I followed them throughout the market and translating for them when necessary. Scanning the stalls, they eventually found what they were looking for. Costa Rica is by far one of the most expensive Central American countries, so the prices didn´t make them to happy, but never the less, they managed.

That evening, a group of us headed to a local hole in the wall bar to enjoy a futbol (soccer) game. It was Costa Rica verses El Salvador, with numerous predictions of a good match. Beers and food ordered, we sat, screamed, and cheered when ever we thought Costa Rica was doing good. We never really knew for sure since we didn’t even know what color their uniforms were, but I find that as a general rule, cheer when the locals do. It worked. Costa Rica ended up winning by one. Beer, food, and futbol in a crappy bar…couldn’t have been better.

I woke the girls early the next morning and made sure they had a taxi to the airport. Once they were off, I caught a few more hours of sleep, then began to pack my bag to leave for the Caribbean coast. Right as I was about to throw my bag on to walk out, I see my cousin walk in. She then screams “We’re back!”


Turns out, American Airlines sold to many tickets for the plane. They ended up having to buy over 50 people off, gave them all a $500 voucher, put them up in the Holiday Inn, and paid for all of their food. If you ever wonder why American isn’t doing so hot…this is a perfect example. But my cousin and sister had a pretty good deal. The Holiday Inn was right down the street from where I was staying, and since they were gong to be here for one more night, I decided to stick around also. Don’t need to ask twice to stay in San Jose.

They finally got the resort atmosphere they wanted. They were pampered, had fresh towels, a bathroom that actually works, an indoor pool, and good food. They invited me to come stay with them, but it just creeped me out when I saw their room. To posh for me…not used to that anymore.

Not much happened the rest of the afternoon. Lots of napping and eating, you know, the usual. The finally were able to make it out the next morning, thus sending me to the Caribbean coast.

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  1. Craig

    Costa Rica has a pretty decent team; El Salvador does not.

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