Quick Update…

For those who have been asking, here is a quick update on what is going on in the life of Eric.

I currently I find myself in Panama City and extremely behind on my writings. Hopefully I will have everything updated within the next few days. If I can get it set up, I will be sailing to Colombia within the next week or two, explore a bit of that area, enjoy a cold one with the FARC, attempt to find a wife, and sadly, call it quits. In all, it looks like I have about 3 to 4 weeks left (unless someone close to me wins the lottery).

This website is for travel…so if you’re interested about hearing what the hell I plan on doing afterwards, shoot me a message through the contact form. Just fyi… it changes every day…

Thanks for reading and commenting… love hearing from everyone, even the people I have never had the pleasure of meeting or that I have pissed off from something I wrote about.


Big E


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3 responses to “Quick Update…

  1. Gary

    Say it is not so. You can’t quit until you get to the tip of SA.

    Go south young man and don’t stop until you run into the penguins.

    I enjoy reading your daily adventures and social commentaries so much I told Josh to send you $100.00 to keep you going for another week. If I recall you were going to live off of $20.00 per day. This grand sum was supposed to last for 4 months.


  2. Eric ~ The Writer

    I tried to live off of $30 a day… and for most of the time, I was alright. What got me was transportation… added up a lot more than I thought it would. So… all in all, was planning to go to the beginning of October, so looks like I’ll be about 2 weeks short. Not bad, ehh?

  3. Aunt Margaret

    Eric, you have to keep traveling! Where do I send your graduation present?

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