Day at the University. Medellin, Colombia.

I arrived in Medellin on a Sunday evening. The streets were deserted. Every shop was closed. It looked just like a ghost town, and I wondered (and hoped) if life would pick up the following day.

Luckily, I managed to find a place open to get some food. Since everything was so deserted, the streets didn’t feel that safe. Because of this, after I ate, I went straight back to my hostel. I spent a few hours catching up on some writings, and once again, called it an early night in hopes of actually getting a good nights sleep.

At six in the morning, I was wide awake in my hotel due to the staff being exceedingly noisy. Ahhh…it’s close to impossible to sleep in while traveling throughout Latin America. When I left to go get breakfast, I couldn’t believe what I saw. The streets were packed with life. People were walking briskly to work, vendors opening up their shops, buses screeching by, and little kids chasing the damn pigeons.

I was glad to see I wasn’t in a ghost town anymore. I quickly switched hotels (in hopes of actually getting more sleep the following night and also because of the warning sign displayed in my room, pictured right) and the hit the town. I walked quite a bit, sampling all the food and juices sold by the street vendors, with the juice being sold in the form of milk shakes. Since they were so cheap, and of course, extremely healthy (when I say healthy, the shakes provide me with my sugar intake for the next month), I indulged myself and drank at least six that first day.

My friend from Caucasia had a cousin studying at the University, so I was interested in meeting him. Upon giving him a call, he excitedly greeted me and we were able to meet within twenty minutes. I have a thing for Universities. I love hearing about them and walking around, so we did just that. He gave me a tour, showing me the classrooms and facilities. Makes me want to return…like right now. But, school year is in progress, so I guess that will have to wait.

Medellin has an amazing metro and gondola system, the first and probably the only in the foreseeable future in Latin America. After walking around the University, we jumped on the gondola, which after about a ten minute ride, provided us with an amazing view of the city. My friend had to head to work, so as he took off, I gratefully thanked him and promised to shoot him a message soon. As I headed back, I stopped off at a Thai restaurant and had one of the best meals since traveling.

Back in the center of town, things were beginning to pick up. It was early evening by now, so I spent some time people watching the park, drinking more juice (milk shakes…juice just sounds healthier), and of course, stuffing my face with street food. I liked Medellin, but I was anxious to get to the capital of Colombia. I was weighing my options, and then around ten at night, I finally concluded that I would take a bus the following morning.

My last stop on the trip is Bogota. Even though I have never been, I had a feeling that I would just fall in love with the city, thus, ending my trip on a high note.

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