Hanging With the Fam. Caucasia, Colombia.

When ever an offer is extended to stay with some locals, I jump on it. A friend from The Andiamo (the boat I took) insisted that I come through her town, and doing so turned out to be an absolute blast.

My original idea was to take the 20 hour bus ride from Cartegena to Bogota. Then I decided to break it up and stop off in Medellin. But I added one more stop in there, in between Cartegena and Medellin to break the treacherous bus ride up even more and visit a friend. It was a little town called Caucasia, and honestly, isn’t even on some maps.

My goal was to take the seven o’clock bus in the morning, but of course, that did not happen due to my late night at the Cuban bar. Hearing my alarm go off at six, I quickly proceeded to grab it and chunk it into the wall. I find that’s the best way to silence annoying devices early in the morning. I finally somewhat woke up around eight, and promptly threw all of my stuff in my bag and took off. Arriving at the bus station, I figured out which bus I should take and then jumped on for the full day journey.

Arriving at Caucasia, I gave my friend a call. She quickly came and picked me up, which was quite nice since I’m used to dealing with taxi drivers. She took me over to her parents store so I can meet her family. Her dad and I seemed to hit it off instantly. He was telling me about his Harley, and of course, I was intrigued. I mentioned that one day, I hope to be the proud owner of a moped along with a dorky helmet. On our way out, he showed me his bike. Turns out it wasn’t a Harley, he just named it Harley. I always get along with smart asses, so I knew it was going to be a great night.

We headed back to the house, and after a quick shower, we had dinner. Their house had an open aired kitchen on the third story, so afterwards, we sat near the edge and proceeded to talk for the next few hours. Her dad then asked if I would care for a glass of whiskey. At this moment is when he became my best friend. We both sipped on a twelve year and talked about the differences in our respective countries, and also, I explained to him how amazing the great state of Texas is (and that it should be it’s own country). I honestly don’t think I could have met a more welcoming man.

We ended up having an early night, allowing me to finally catch up on some sleep. I awoke the next morning, and after breakfast, they took me to the bus station to head on to Medellin. I asked my friend if I could have her parents…of course, she said no. We then paid our respects, and then I took off with my newly adopted family seeing me off.


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2 responses to “Hanging With the Fam. Caucasia, Colombia.

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  2. susan

    All that in Spanish? Way to go Eric.

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