My Return to Bogota

It’s been almost two years since I traveled throughout Latin America. Good times eventually came to an end, and I returned home. Since then, I have thought of that trip and my adventures every single day. I have shared hundreds of stories with my friends and dreamed of new places. There’s no sense in dreaming forever, so I figured it’s about time I get going again.

When I returned from my travels, I began looking for a job to help propel me into the “real world.” I quickly realized this was not as easy as it sounded. I’m not sure if you heard, but we were/are in this thing called a recession. Supposedly, some rich guys decided to buy non-existent assets and let the government rescue them from their complete and utter stupidity. After the bailout, they then decided to rewards themselves with a ridiculous bonus while the rest of the nation suffers. Damn economics. It took a few months of searching, but fortunately, I did find someone who was stupid enough to hire me. I still wonder how I fooled them, but what can I say, I considered myself pretty damn lucky.

As it turns out, I couldn’t have asked for a better job right out of college. I learned more than I could have ever expected, but the thought of travel was constantly in my head. I found myself waking up in a comfortable bed, but longed for the rock hard bedding I experienced. I missed wondering if malaria will ever strike. I hated speaking the same language day in and day out, and not being able to say “no entiendo” when I no longer wanted to listen to someone. I detested the idea of showering everyday and putting a stupid cloth around my neck called a tie. Whoever the hell invented that fashion statement needs to be shot. Plus, this whole thing called “work” is just no fun.

I ended my adventures in Bogota, which also happened to be one of my favorite cities in the entire world. The people of Colombia, and in Bogota particular, are some of the most hospitable in the world. It’s often referred to the Athens of South America due to the hundreds of universities and libraries. Although it is one of the highest capitals in the world (third, to be exact), the temperature regularly hovers around 70 degrees during the day. Just like New York, it’s a city that never sleeps… and I absolutely love that.

I love Bogota so much that I have recently decided to return for an undefined period of time. No timeline, no plan, no preconceived notions of what might actually happen. I could be there two weeks, two months, or two years. I might teach English, possibly start a business, bum around, or I could very well join the class of robbers, a bourgeoning South American industry.

Let the adventure begin.


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7 responses to “My Return to Bogota

  1. Mom

    Eric, I wish you a great adventure…..again!

  2. Katie Harrington

    Awesome Eric!! I’m excited to hear of your journeys again! 🙂 Good luck and, as always, have fun!

  3. Dona Riel

    How exciting! Your writing continues to be outstanding, interesting, funny and insightful. I am really looking forward to your adventures and posts again! Have fun, learn lots, enjoy, keep writing and take care!

  4. Dad

    Remember to wear that t-shirt that says..

    Don’t kiddnap me, my parents have No Dinero…

  5. Gary Yeary

    Ok, Eric I have considered your options. Go for the class of robbers the bourgeoning South American. Sounds like a more interesting life. If you need a reference I am good for being one who attacks and seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas or institutions. Yours Truly an old dude.

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