Taking Off

I swear, John Denver wrote his song with me in mind. So, it’s time to leave, on a jet plane. Truth be told, I don’t know when I’ll be back again. But, I don’t hate to go.

After a wonderful 20 minutes of sleep night of sleep, I was finally on my way to the airport. I was lucky enough to take a six o’clock flight to Miami. Do you know what is happening at six in the morning? Nothing. The sun isn’t even up, and the doughnut shop wasn’t even open. I don’t ever remember taking a flight that early in my entire life. The best part was that when I arrived at the airport, security was not even open. So, I checked my bag, and sat there while the guards stood there and drank their coffee, just staring me down. Honestly, they probably enjoyed every minute of it.

They finally let me through and I headed to my gate. Boarding the plane, I had one thing in mind… sleep. This happens to be something I have become quite successful at doing on airplanes. As soon as the flight took off, I was out. I woke up as we were landing, so all in all, I consider that a pretty successful flight. I disembarked, but realized, what the hell was my rush? I had an eight-hour layover ahead of me. There was a flight to Bogotá that was leaving in twenty-five minutes, but, due to the bureaucratic nature, I was considered to be five minutes late. Just for kicks and giggles, I walked over to the gate, watched them do final boarding for a flight to Bogotá. I waved goodbye and yelled, “see ya in a few hours!”

Although I was only in Miami, it felt like I was already in a different country. When I would go to buy food, they would address me in Spanish. Honestly, I’m not even sure if they spoke English. If they did, how does someone mistake me for a Spanish speaker? I could be wrong, but I think I come about as white as they come.

So, what do you exactly do with a layover that long in Miami? Great question, and I’m glad you asked. I walked the length of the airport three or four times (it’s a pretty big airport) in order to get my daily exercise, and also, I truly researched on what I should have to eat. When you have that much time, why not? Samuel Adams, which is my favorite beer, has a bar in the airport. I checked it out, but, call me crazy, wasn’t up for a beer at nine in the morning. I attempted to sleep, but every time I was able to shut my eyes, some kids were kind enough to yell in my ears.

The flight to Bogotá was quick and easy. When I finally heard the flight crew announce, “Welcome to Bogotá, Colombia,” I finally realized what I was doing. I guess it really never hit me, but as soon as I went through customs, I was full of excitement and energy.

I ventured outside and breathed in the fresh air. When I say fresh, I mean, fresh city air full of smog. With my bag in tow, I went to seek out transportation to my hostel. The taxi system from the airport is superb. A taxi stand takes your destination and writes down the price right there. What I love about this is that it does not give taxi drivers an opportunity to screw you over. With your ticket, you walk over and hand it to the driver. Seriously, the rest of the world needs to adopt a system such as this.

I arrived at my hostel and was pleasantly surprised on how nice it actually was. After dropping my bags, I went out to start meeting fellow travelers. Although I was exhausted, I was in Bogotá, Colombia. The night was young, and I couldn’t let it go to waste.


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2 responses to “Taking Off

  1. Megan

    I took that picture!! Glad you like the hostel… That’s where I’m staying when I come if it still has your stamp of approval in June. Have fun and good luck job hunting!

  2. Pomp

    Hey man! Great to hear you are off to an awesome start. Praying for your crazy wild self. Don’t do anything TOO stupid. Or I will be forced to come and kill you. Much love brother.

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