My Average Day

I’ve had the pleasure of talking with a few people back in the States, and I seem to always be asked the same question. What exactly do you do all day? I figured that’s a great question to be answered, thus, here’s a step-by-step guide of my life.

4:40 am: My first alarm goes off. I tend to throw it at the wall with an exuberant force.

5:00: My second alarm goes off. I usually start the day off with a four letter word.

5:20: I eat a banana. I’m too tired to eat anything else.

6:10: First cup of coffee.

6:12: Second cup of coffee.

6:16: Third cup of coffee

6:30: Class starts, usually with another cup of coffee.

6:30 – 8:00: I “teach” English.

8:30: Huge glass of fresh squeezed orange juice from the streets.

9:00 – 10:00: I pretend to read the paper in Spanish.

10:00: Nap time.

11:00: Run at altitude, usually giving me a heart attack.

12:00: Eat absolutely delicious food, usually at a hole-in-the-wall cafe. Reverse the gains of exercise.

1:00: Juice break

1:30: Head to the office, aka, a French bakery to work, aka, play on facebook, write, read the news, possibly study Spanish.

2:13: Call Ana, a girl I have been seeing in an attempt to annoy her. I usually succeed.

3:00 More coffee

3:14: More juice

3:30: Nap time… again.

5:00: It’s 5 o’clock somewhere… crack open a cold beer.

5:15: Cook dinner, usually with someone.

6:00: Practice rapping in Spanish (expect a video soon). For example:

Donde esta la bibiloteca

Mi llamo T-bone

La arena discoteca!

7:00: Head out for a night on the town, usually for more juice, coffee, or a cerveza (Spanish for beer).

9:00: Begin to get angry that I have to get up in a few hours.

11:00: Go to bed upset because I’ll be up in less than six hours.

11:01: Angry feelings subside when I remember that I currently living in Bogotá, Colombia.

11:02: Smile overcomes my face.

11:09: Sleep begins.

11:11 Snoring begins.

11:14: Dreaming begins… usually me skipping through a field of dandelions singing

I guess I should add, sometimes, I actually do work more. But, I avoid it at all costs. Also, I do network with people quite a bit. But, that’s just not as fun to write about, eh?


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4 responses to “My Average Day

  1. I eagerly anticipate this rap you speak of.

  2. r bailey

    sounds like a nice day a lot of naps.glad you are having a great time had dinner with your dad last week he was doing fine love A unt Reta

  3. Donna Thomas

    Eric – your average day beats my average day!
    Sounds like things are going well for you. I love reading your posts first thing in the morning. They make me laugh out loud – what a great way to start an average day! Take care, Donna

  4. Skains

    I’m kind of disappointed your first beer doesn’t occur until 5. Part of me thinks that’s a lie. The other part of my hopes that’s a lie.

    Sounds like a pretty rockin’ schedule though. Being awake early in the day is great. There’s just something special about already being “up and at ’em” before everyone else.

    Fight the good fight!

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