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Dear Colombia

Dear Colombia,

I want to thank you for the amazing experiences I have had since arriving. My decision to quit my life and move here was one of the best I have ever made, and am very happy of what I have accomplished since arriving. But, happiness also brings frustrations. With that said, there are certain things we need to talk about. Like I said, I love you dearly. But in reality, I believe you do things to intentionally make me mad. In order for our relationship to work, there are certain things I need you to work on. Continue reading


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Mr. Robber, Stop Stealing My Wallet

Whenever you enter crowds in Bogotá, you have to be very careful of your belongings. I have had my wallet stolen once already, and I am determined to not ever let it happen again. I guess my determination wasn’t strong enough. Continue reading


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Final Exams vs. Fiesta

My Spanish course at the University was coming to an end; thus, I had my final exams quickly approaching. With one week left, I was presented with the opportunity to go to a small Colombian town for a weekend of festivities. This presented a huge dilemma… do I party, or stay at home and study? Wow… that was a hard one… Continue reading


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