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A Masters in the States Seems to Easy

Yes, I truly believe that. Maybe I’ll regret it when I’m knee deep in Spanish reading material or investigating the world economies, but hey, I think it’s best to learn from your mistakes. Continue reading


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Reason #3: Because Even Bad Days Are Still Considered Awesome

Life is a roller coaster. Sometimes you’re at the top of the mountain, and other days, you’re free falling with no end in sight. But, for me, even those horrible days outweigh my best days back in my home country. Continue reading

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From Banana Skin Flip Flops

I’m not one to republish content, but this one (Catch the Pigeon) was to good to pass up. One of my close friends down here, Vicki, is a freelance journalist. In her free time, she keeps a blog about her adventure filled life from Bogotá, Colombia. Highly recommended… especially this blog she recently posted. Check out her blog here, or her more professional work here. Continue reading


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