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There I was… on my one year anniversary…

There I was. Exhausted, absolutely drained, yet at the same time full of life. I was standing in Piso 30 (also called “The End”), one of the most popular and extravagant clubs in Bogotá watching the sunrise. As light was cast over Bogotá, I thought about how many sunrises I have seen since being here. It is in the hundreds, but all from waking up at five in the morning and heading to work. This was the first one I had seen from staying up all night. With this game called “life,” we have to make decisions. In my state of “reflection,” I realized how close I came to never experiencing this moment. There I was, and I began to think… Continue reading


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Colombian Time

Here in Colombia, they don’t believe in the normal time. What do I mean by that? Let’s say you are meeting someone at 7 in the evening. If you show up before 8, you’re early. Allow me to explain. Continue reading


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Reason #5: Because It’s Green

Hey, it may rain a lot. But lot’s of rain relates to something beautiful… green. Continue reading

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Reason #4: Because Everyone Lies And…

Tells me my Spanish is good. Continue reading


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