Reason #4: Because Everyone Lies And…

Tells me my Spanish is good. Conversations with strangers almost always follow the exact same format.

“How are you?” they ask.

“Great,” blah blah blah.

“Wow, this rain is horrible today.”

“I agree.” Blah blah blah.

Where are you from?

“United States, but I have lived here for a year.”

“Wow! You speak Spanish great!”

But see, here is the thing. The comment doesn’t change. Ever. When I first arrived in Colombia and spoke nothing, they told me I speak great Spanish. Now that I’m conversational, they tell me I speak great Spanish. They tell my friends who refuse to learn the language they speak great Spanish.

So… if you ask how my Spanish is… I speak great Spanish. Reason #4.


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2 responses to “Reason #4: Because Everyone Lies And…

  1. Your Spanish is excellent!

    Donde esta la biblioteca?

  2. susan

    …me llamo T-Bone la arana discoteca….

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