I’m Eric

Hi, I’m Eric. I doubt anyone would ever actually want to read about “me,” but in case you are interested, this is where you will find information in regards to Eric (me).

I have lived in Texas my entire life, but do not carry one ounce of Texas pride. Truthfully… never been fond of the “Great State of Texas.”

I obtained a degree in finance from Texas Christian University. Finance is interesting and even a bit intriguing, but spreadsheets are not. Hence, I’m not a good finance guy.

I get bored very easily, and am always on the go (described by one individual as being “intense”). I’m the one who does not sit there to “chill” when I’m at a party… more or less I’m the guy who is either making sure everyone has something to drink, meeting a new person, or trying to talk to a girl in which failure is the most certain option.

Without a doubt, Ronald Regan was the worst president in history. His complete disdain for Central America pisses me off every time I think about him. I truly wonder how there was only one assassination attempt on his life.

I am known to make phenomenal mojitos (a Cuban drink) and love the art of mixology. The historical context of the rum trade is absolutely fascinating, and I have done/will continue to do much research in finding the best rum of the world. Thus far, the award goes to a Nicaraguan rum by the name of Flor de Cana. I highly recommend the Grand Reserve 7 Year, served on the rocks.

My family is what has encouraged my passion to travel. Growing up, my mum worked for the airlines, allowing us to take two to three trips a year… often time to some amazing destinations. When most people hear about my travel ideas I am trying to pursue, they ask what my parents think. I always smile and say they couldn’t be more proud.