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A Visit to Coffee Plantations. Matlagapa, Nicaragua.

One of the draws to Matlagapa for me consisted of the nearby coffee plantations. I spent a few days around town drinking as much coffee as possible, and felt like it was time to finally make it out to where the beans were grown. I choose Selva Negra due to it’s close proximity to Matlagapa, which made this into an easy day trip. Continue reading


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The Chase Continutes. Matlagapa, Nicaragua.

My Latina and I were still actively pursuing each other, yet due to our language barrier, it has been quite a difficult chase. Numerous conversations on the phone has left me with much confusion, only to find myself laughing on how crazy this whole idea is later on. Continue reading


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My First Date With a Latina. Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

I was sick and tired of the heat and being constantly drenched in a blanket of sweat, so I decided to book it towards the mountains. By complete coinicidence, a beautiful Nicaraguan girl was heading the same direction, and later that evening, I found myself out for a night on the town with her. Now, sit down in front of the rocking chair while Grandpa Eric explains about his first date with a Latina. And by the way, she speaks no English. Continue reading


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