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Reason #2: Because There Are an Insane Amount of Public Holidays

I wish I could tell you the exact number, but from my current research, there are 18 observed public holidays a year. I want to say we get 25 days off… don’t ask me where the other 7 come from… and don’t be surprised if this is wrong. Continue reading


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Why I Love Bogotá

It’s hard to explain to others about my experiences in Bogotá. I’ve had some of the best days of life here, as well as some pretty hard ones. But, the good easily triumphs over the bad. Continue reading


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As the year came to a close, I began to look back at my time in Colombia. Obviously, one of my bigger commitments I made was my desire to learn this language called “Spanish.” I thought that after I finished the course, I’d be speaking perfectly. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Continue reading


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My New Years Resolution

I usually don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. But, this year is different. I may be a little late deciding on this (23 days to be exact), but my goal is to keep Travel to Move up-to-date. Continue reading

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Photos from San Agustin

I don’t really receive hate mail, but more or less mail that tells me my writings suck and all they want to see is photos. So… here you go. A collection of photos from San Agustin, Colombia taken proudly from a disposable camera (not really, actually from my Cannon SD1000, which I highly recommend). Continue reading

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Travels to San Agustin

I don’t know if it was the travel gods telling me to get out of Bogotá or sheer luck, but I somehow managed to have nearly every single class canceled within a few days. So, after getting pissed off that I wasn’t making any money, I looked at the bright side and realized this is the perfect opportunity to head to the south of Colombia and check out the historical site of San Agustin. Continue reading


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Colombian Futbol

Futbol is by far the most popular sport down here in Colombia. After ringing my mate, we decided to head up to the stadium one rainy, Sunday afternoon to catch a game. I knew the game would be intense, but little did I expect what actually would happen. Continue reading


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