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Colombian Time

Here in Colombia, they don’t believe in the normal time. What do I mean by that? Let’s say you are meeting someone at 7 in the evening. If you show up before 8, you’re early. Allow me to explain. Continue reading



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Garifuna Land. Livingston, Guatemala.

Anxious to finally see the ocean, I headed towards a remote Caribbean town called Livingston. The draw here was the Garifuna culture, which is a distinctive blend of Africans, Mayans, Europeans, and other various indigenous people. Continue reading


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The “Best of San Pedro.” San Pedro, Guatemala.

Since I have been in San Pedro for nearly three weeks now, I’ve been playing the roll of “unofficial guide” for travelers stopping by. Now, I share with everyone the best places (in my opinion) in San Pedro. For those considering coming here, read and memorize every word…and for those not even thinking about a trip to San Pedro, read anyways to see what you are missing. Continue reading


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