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Meeting the Abuelos

After four months of dating, I was finally invited to see the hometown of my girlfriend. It was about 8 hours away, located in a beautiful area of Colombia. All this sounded great, except for the fact that I was to meet her grandfather… the grandfather who hates all gringos. Continue reading


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Hanging With the Fam. Caucasia, Colombia.

When ever an offer is extended to stay with some locals, I jump on it. A friend from The Andiamo (the boat I took) insisted that I come through her town, and doing so turned out to be an absolute blast. Continue reading


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In Their Words. San Jose, Costa Rica.

Our last night, I asked the girls what were some of their favorite and least favorite things they did while in Costa Rice. I compiled the list and have it published below. Their thoughts are in bold, with favorites coming first. Of course, it is intertwined with my own thoughts of sarcasm. Continue reading

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Traveling With Girls. Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

My sister and my cousin knew there were certain activities they wanted to accomplish while they were here. I just wanted to make it through without killing them. Luckily, we both succeeded. Continue reading


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The Shakeup. San Jose, Costa Rica.

After spending the day in San Jose, I headed to the airport to meet my sister on her arriving flight. I somehow managed to arrive an hour early, so grabbing a cup of coffee, I parked it to begin my wait. As the people started to trickle out, I spotted my sister’s bright blonde hair in the crowd. As she came closer, I saw she was walking with another blonde-headed girl. Cool, I thought…she made a friend. Then I realized I knew exactly who she was with…my cousin. Continue reading


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