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A Festival in Plaza Bolivar

Although I’m trying to build a “life” here, I’m quick to jump on any cultural event that may be happening. A few of us heard of some festival happening in the center. We had no idea of what might actually happen, but figured it would be in our best interest to check it out. Continue reading

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A Day of Baseball. Granada, Nicaragua.

I hate baseball with a passion, yet for some reason, I was intrigued by the fact that an American sport is played in Nicaragua with such enthusiasm. Brought by the marines from their presence in the early twentieth century, I felt like I should check out a game of the worst sport in the entire world. Continue reading


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Kickng Around. San Pedro, Guatemala.

Spanish classes have kept me on a tight schedule which consists of waking up around 6 inthe morning (breakfast and time to study), classes that stretches my brain to capacity, then the evenings consisting of much more studying and attempting to grab a few beers allowing me to wind down. Today was one of my first days off to just kick it (since Josh has left), and I was able to experience the letting of time take its toll. Continue reading


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