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My Search for Israel. San Pedro, Guatemala.

I believe in sharing my experiences, and for some reason, I even enjoy sharing the moments when I look like a complete idiot. This is sure to be the first of many “Eric Is An Idiot” series. Continue reading



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The Highly Anticipated Weekend. San Pedro, Guatemala.

Due to the intensity of my Spanish classes, I was highly looking forward to the weekend allowing me to relax and make new friends. Certain items were on the agenda, but we mostly flew by the seat of our pants. Continue reading


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Spanish and Beyond. San Pedro, Guatemala

Lots of happenings in San Pedro these past few weeks and I am finally sitting down to share them… Continue reading


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Tienes Cambio. San Pedro, Guatemala.

“Tienes cambio” is one of those phrases that is just necessary if you are in Latin America. Translated, it’s simple meaning of “do you have change” often leaves travelers frustrated with merchants inability to create change from any medium sized bill and up. Continue reading

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Learning To Take Cover. San Pedro, Guatemala.

First off, happy belated forth of July to everyone. Hopefully everyone enjoyed watching the technology of the Chinese light up the night time sky. In San Pedro, they enjoy loud noises…yet for me, I feel like I’m in the middle of a war. Continue reading


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Kickng Around. San Pedro, Guatemala.

Spanish classes have kept me on a tight schedule which consists of waking up around 6 inthe morning (breakfast and time to study), classes that stretches my brain to capacity, then the evenings consisting of much more studying and attempting to grab a few beers allowing me to wind down. Today was one of my first days off to just kick it (since Josh has left), and I was able to experience the letting of time take its toll. Continue reading


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Wait, So We Actually Speak Spanish? San Pedro, Guatemala.

I had my first Spanish lesson today, and it went great except for the fact that my professor gave me a ten thousand word dictionary and told me to have it memorized by tomorrow…ya….I’m on it. Continue reading


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