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Travels to San Agustin

I don’t know if it was the travel gods telling me to get out of Bogotá or sheer luck, but I somehow managed to have nearly every single class canceled within a few days. So, after getting pissed off that I wasn’t making any money, I looked at the bright side and realized this is the perfect opportunity to head to the south of Colombia and check out the historical site of San Agustin. Continue reading


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Heading North. Leon, Nicaragua.

I decided to take a stint up north in hopes of gaining a tour in the Flor de Cana rum factory. After numerous dialogues (in Spanish) on the phone with various personel, I discovered that it was impossible this week due to some construction going on in the actual factory. I then opted to thoroughly explore the town of Leon on foot and attempt to engage myself with various locals. Continue reading


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History of Tikal. Tikal, Guatemala.

I love history, and was especially fascinated by what I saw at Tikal. Here is an abbreviated version of the history of the Maya at Tikal…in my own words (thus making none of this actually reliable). Continue reading


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A Visit to Tikal. Tikal, Guatemala.

We were walking at a brisk pace. It was just after six in the morning, and we were trying desperately to make it to Temple IV of Tikal in order to watch the sunrise over the Mayan ruins. I was completely astonished on how hot it already was, but never the less, I hauled. After climbing a series of steps, I was there, overlooking the foggy landscape that once was cultivated by one of the most brilliant civilizations of all times, only to suddenly mysteriously collapse. As I sat there listening to the sounds of the jungle, I was able to just picture Mayans at work…thousands of years before I stepped foot on their land. Continue reading


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