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Attempting to Leave San Pedro. San Pedro, Guatemala.

Spanish classes were coming to a close, and as much as I hate saying goodbye to places I have fallen in love with, I was definitley looking forward to exploring a new area. But what I didn’t realize is how much this town truly loves me…so much it made sure I would get sick so I couldn’t leave. Honestly, it’s quite heart warming if you think about it. When I was finally about to bail, San Pedro was like “I don’t think so girlfriend!” Fine…I’ll stay…but just until I feel well again. Continue reading



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My Search for Israel. San Pedro, Guatemala.

I believe in sharing my experiences, and for some reason, I even enjoy sharing the moments when I look like a complete idiot. This is sure to be the first of many “Eric Is An Idiot” series. Continue reading


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Spanish and Beyond. San Pedro, Guatemala

Lots of happenings in San Pedro these past few weeks and I am finally sitting down to share them… Continue reading


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Kickng Around. San Pedro, Guatemala.

Spanish classes have kept me on a tight schedule which consists of waking up around 6 inthe morning (breakfast and time to study), classes that stretches my brain to capacity, then the evenings consisting of much more studying and attempting to grab a few beers allowing me to wind down. Today was one of my first days off to just kick it (since Josh has left), and I was able to experience the letting of time take its toll. Continue reading


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Wait, So We Actually Speak Spanish? San Pedro, Guatemala.

I had my first Spanish lesson today, and it went great except for the fact that my professor gave me a ten thousand word dictionary and told me to have it memorized by tomorrow…ya….I’m on it. Continue reading


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A Visit to Hippie Land. San Marcos, Guatemala.

Lago de Atitlan hosts numerous little towns on the coast, and Josh and I, actually, more Josh, was looking forward to a visit to San Marcos. It’s known for it’s mystically vibe and stunning scenery, with yoga and mediation centers widely available. What the hell I said…let’s go meet some hippies. Continue reading


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Exploring Lago de Atitlan. Panajachel, Guatemala.

We arrived in Panajachel and were immediately mesmerized by the stunning scenery. Situated on the picture perfect Lago de Atitlan, we thought the best way to explore would be on foot. We took off on a 4 kilometerwalk, only to later find ourselves on a private boat with complete strangers that we now call our friends. Continue reading


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