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As the year came to a close, I began to look back at my time in Colombia. Obviously, one of my bigger commitments I made was my desire to learn this language called “Spanish.” I thought that after I finished the course, I’d be speaking perfectly. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Continue reading



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My New Years Resolution

I usually don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. But, this year is different. I may be a little late deciding on this (23 days to be exact), but my goal is to keep Travel to Move up-to-date. Continue reading

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2010 in review of Travel to Move

Although I have truly slacked over the past few months on writing, I seem to still get hundreds of hits a day. I recently received my year end statistics, and I figured this would be fun to share. Thank you everyone for being a part of Travel to Move… it truly means a lot to me! And… I promise… writings from the last 6 months are on the way. Continue reading

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Colombian Futbol

Futbol is by far the most popular sport down here in Colombia. After ringing my mate, we decided to head up to the stadium one rainy, Sunday afternoon to catch a game. I knew the game would be intense, but little did I expect what actually would happen. Continue reading


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Ugly Feet

After arriving in Pensilvania (a town that my girlfriend used to live in), I discovered that Ana had decided that I needed a pedicure. After kicking, screaming, and crying like a little girl all the way to the shop, she forced me to sit down, shut up, and finally do something about my hideous feet. Continue reading


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Meeting the Abuelos

After four months of dating, I was finally invited to see the hometown of my girlfriend. It was about 8 hours away, located in a beautiful area of Colombia. All this sounded great, except for the fact that I was to meet her grandfather… the grandfather who hates all gringos. Continue reading


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Dear Colombia

Dear Colombia,

I want to thank you for the amazing experiences I have had since arriving. My decision to quit my life and move here was one of the best I have ever made, and am very happy of what I have accomplished since arriving. But, happiness also brings frustrations. With that said, there are certain things we need to talk about. Like I said, I love you dearly. But in reality, I believe you do things to intentionally make me mad. In order for our relationship to work, there are certain things I need you to work on. Continue reading


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