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Pictures Posted from Nicaragua.

A few of my favorite photos are now posted from Nicaragua under the PHOTOS page. Colonial cities, mountain towns, historical sites, and beautiful beaches all combined within a few weeks….

Buen viaje…

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Lost in Time. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Before coming down to San Juan del Sur, I was warned that it is a place that you can easily get pulled into. I’m currently on my fourth day at this beach town, yet it feels like just yesterday I arrived. I decided to spend my last and final day in Nicaragua exploring the town along with the surrounding countryside. Continue reading


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Hitting the Beach. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

My stint in the mountains was quite refreshing, yet I was longing for some fun in the sun. The Latina that I have been hanging out with had to go to a neighboring city for a few days, and hopefully I will get to see her again, but I’m also not going to wait around. Once the decision was made, I jumped on a bus and headed south to the beach. Continue reading

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The Chase Continutes. Matlagapa, Nicaragua.

My Latina and I were still actively pursuing each other, yet due to our language barrier, it has been quite a difficult chase. Numerous conversations on the phone has left me with much confusion, only to find myself laughing on how crazy this whole idea is later on. Continue reading


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My First Date With a Latina. Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

I was sick and tired of the heat and being constantly drenched in a blanket of sweat, so I decided to book it towards the mountains. By complete coinicidence, a beautiful Nicaraguan girl was heading the same direction, and later that evening, I found myself out for a night on the town with her. Now, sit down in front of the rocking chair while Grandpa Eric explains about his first date with a Latina. And by the way, she speaks no English. Continue reading


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Heading North. Leon, Nicaragua.

I decided to take a stint up north in hopes of gaining a tour in the Flor de Cana rum factory. After numerous dialogues (in Spanish) on the phone with various personel, I discovered that it was impossible this week due to some construction going on in the actual factory. I then opted to thoroughly explore the town of Leon on foot and attempt to engage myself with various locals. Continue reading


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Days in Granada. Granada, Nicaragua.

For most visitors, they can’t but help fall in love with Granada. Situated on the banks of Lago de Nicaragua, this picturesque city is lined with Spanish architecture, horse drawn carriages, and vendors selling their handicrafts. Losing yourself in time was quite easy to do, as I found myself staying a few extra days than I originally anticipated. Continue reading


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