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The National University

One of my main reasons I came to Bogotá was to finish learning Spanish. I heard about some great classes offered at the National University, so I took the afternoon to go seek out some information. Continue reading


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Spanish and Beyond. San Pedro, Guatemala

Lots of happenings in San Pedro these past few weeks and I am finally sitting down to share them… Continue reading


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Kickng Around. San Pedro, Guatemala.

Spanish classes have kept me on a tight schedule which consists of waking up around 6 inthe morning (breakfast and time to study), classes that stretches my brain to capacity, then the evenings consisting of much more studying and attempting to grab a few beers allowing me to wind down. Today was one of my first days off to just kick it (since Josh has left), and I was able to experience the letting of time take its toll. Continue reading


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Wait, So We Actually Speak Spanish? San Pedro, Guatemala.

I had my first Spanish lesson today, and it went great except for the fact that my professor gave me a ten thousand word dictionary and told me to have it memorized by tomorrow…ya….I’m on it. Continue reading


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