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Hanging With the Fam. Caucasia, Colombia.

When ever an offer is extended to stay with some locals, I jump on it. A friend from The Andiamo (the boat I took) insisted that I come through her town, and doing so turned out to be an absolute blast. Continue reading



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My First Date With a Latina. Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

I was sick and tired of the heat and being constantly drenched in a blanket of sweat, so I decided to book it towards the mountains. By complete coinicidence, a beautiful Nicaraguan girl was heading the same direction, and later that evening, I found myself out for a night on the town with her. Now, sit down in front of the rocking chair while Grandpa Eric explains about his first date with a Latina. And by the way, she speaks no English. Continue reading


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Days in Granada. Granada, Nicaragua.

For most visitors, they can’t but help fall in love with Granada. Situated on the banks of Lago de Nicaragua, this picturesque city is lined with Spanish architecture, horse drawn carriages, and vendors selling their handicrafts. Losing yourself in time was quite easy to do, as I found myself staying a few extra days than I originally anticipated. Continue reading


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The “Best of San Pedro.” San Pedro, Guatemala.

Since I have been in San Pedro for nearly three weeks now, I’ve been playing the rollĀ of “unofficial guide” for travelers stopping by. Now, I share with everyone the best places (in my opinion) in San Pedro. For those considering coming here, read and memorize every word…and for those not even thinking about a trip to San Pedro, read anyways to see what you are missing. Continue reading


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Tienes Cambio. San Pedro, Guatemala.

“Tienes cambio” is one of those phrases that is just necessary if you are in Latin America. Translated, it’s simple meaning of “do you have change” often leaves travelers frustrated with merchants inability to create change from any medium sized bill and up. Continue reading

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Learning To Take Cover. San Pedro, Guatemala.

First off, happy belated forth of July to everyone. Hopefully everyone enjoyed watching the technology of the Chinese light up the night time sky. In San Pedro, they enjoy loud noises…yet for me, I feel like I’m in the middle of a war. Continue reading


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