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The World’s Greatest Teacher

It has been a few months since I undertook the job of a Professor of English. And in case you are wondering, yes, I make everyone address me as Professor. It makes me feel big inside. So… exactly how is it going? Continue reading


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The World’s Worst English Teacher

They gave me the job as an English teacher quite quickly. My place of employment feels that this is an easily learned skill… yet not for me. Little did they know how horrible I would be. Continue reading


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My Job Search

Here’s the thing. Although I’d prefer to never work again, I knew this idea wasn’t exactly feasible. I ventured down to Bogotá with some cash put away, but I knew eventually, reality would set in. I brought with me a few copies of my resume as well as a willingness to kick ass and take names. Thus, my job search began. Continue reading


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